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Carpal Tunnel Christmas!
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Carpal Tunnel Christmas!
Submission Closed
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Dec 1, 2015
2 Mins Read
428 Words
No Plagiarism!3g6dsQsV8sQDEVfdOGaVposted on PENANA

Sherlock and Mycroft wandered through the market, their parents somewhere ahead of them, but they had no idea where. "We lost them, Myc..." Sherlock moaned.copyright protection96PENANAzhU6owwS36

Mycroft sighed and held his little brother's hand. "They'll find us. Sooner or later they'll realize we got caught in the crowds of Christmas shoppers and come back for us."copyright protection96PENANAg6nmkQdMLl

"I have some walnuts for when you start to get hungry," Sherlock offered.copyright protection96PENANAfCYUxe7mVh

"Ha. Ha ha. I'm laughing so hard." Mycroft sighed. "Look, we'll be fine. I promise."copyright protection96PENANAhuzcAYJ6QM

An older kid with a flute in hand ran right in front of their path. Sherlock fell on his face into a mud puddle. Mycroft laughed and helped the boy up. Sherlock pouted. Mycroft rolled his eyes and continued their search for their parents. "They can't have just gotten into Santa's sleigh and flown off?" Sherlock queried.copyright protection96PENANAc7TAudqHZc

Mycroft was about to say Santa wasn't real when he realized who he was talking to. "No, Santa's probably still at the North Pole; he needs to pack all the presents, after all."copyright protection96PENANA3fO29lggHb

Sherlock nodded. A dove flew overhead and a man chased it with a sword, screaming that he was going to kill it. Mycroft looked after him and shook his head. "There are all sorts of people 'round here, we need to find Mummy quickly."copyright protection96PENANAyZF8bf6UlX

"Yeah, or we might get trampled. Right, Myc? ...Myc?"copyright protection96PENANAHy4A8yNygN

Mycroft didn't hear what his brother said. He was too busy looking at a leather bound journal in a nearby stall. "How much for the journal?" he asked.copyright protection96PENANALk2zmbUDsC

The woman behind the stall looked at him and laughed, her voice like bells, but harsher and disbelieving. "You don't have the money for it, sweetheart," she sang.copyright protection96PENANAO1Cu9NJgI5

"How much?" Mycroft insisted.copyright protection96PENANAdpEhZMPNl6

The woman sighed, "10 pounds."copyright protection96PENANAA6qCGMOAph

Mycroft took out his allowance and groaned. "I only have 7!"copyright protection96PENANAdeiPIsDsIm

The woman sighed. "Well, then, I guess you won't be getting it, will you?"copyright protection96PENANAyVLcdLZ3yk

Sherlock came up. "Wait!" he handed 3 pounds-half of his allowance-to his brother. "I got the other 3."copyright protection96PENANA99rzL7mAIM

Mycroft smiled at Sherlock, gave the woman the money, and grabbed the journal, hugging it close. "Thanks, Sherlock. I owe you one," he grinned.copyright protection96PENANARV0aLJDpbm

"You can pay me back by taking the blame for getting lost in this crowd when we find Mummy and Father."copyright protection96PENANALKhwWviVyR

Mycroft nodded. "It's a deal."copyright protection96PENANAgH0HhMPEmx

The two set off back in the crowd, determined to find their parents before their parents found them in an effort to get out of trouble for being lost.copyright protection96PENANAqetrpeb3En

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