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The Unanswerable Questions
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The Unanswerable Questions
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History repeats itself
Dec 17, 2015
2 Mins Read
431 Words
No Plagiarism!LCZNDwIvmBp9okGOtXQWposted on PENANA

Why does history repeat itself?copyright protection87PENANAmpWX3QVnFu

That question has been in my mind for a long time (since the age of 14). Even now (after good 7 years) when I have an answer to it I think about it again and again. Maybe it is not an answer for you but it is for me. Knowing not everyone would like to hear it but it has at least a ring of truth (in my opinion).91Please respect copyright.PENANA9JhXNzYlN6
copyright protection87PENANAIq7IeKfXfB

To make it short, clear and logic to follow I can answer this question in three words:copyright protection87PENANAyELWZrLsoB

Ignorance, arrogance and greed.copyright protection87PENANApL0lJ3bEqR

With those three words I point them to us; whole humanity.copyright protection87PENANA89ifSw07tg

We all make mistakes but we should learn from them and remember. I fully understand that history may not be your a favorite subject but you should acknowledge it.copyright protection87PENANAI1UtYTUKmj

History reveales many mistakes that you can learn from to avoid or even improve. Even hint on what might happen in the future. Check out the styles in fashion for example. If you know your ways in history that's a profit. At least the basics will suffice like the 1st and 2nd World War, cold war, 30-year war (dark ages), etc.91Please respect copyright.PENANA5jFpULDHcd
copyright protection87PENANAlL5m7OqjsQ

You can compare few things from 2WW with today's ISIS as an example or Napoleon and Hitler trying to invade Russia which they luckily failed. I know those are harsh examples but there is no other and better way to show.copyright protection87PENANAaB0sRSZR0s

Greed and can be seen in thirsting for power and/or money or fame; to go down in history.copyright protection87PENANA7Iu2ctW7di

Ignorance because we don't want to see the bad and horrid things or at least get rid of it as quick as possible.91Please respect copyright.PENANAYrYU4XXZ18
copyright protection87PENANAry4wVbkluN

Arrogance because we think we can do better than others and thus "think" it will definitely not happen to us or them. What leads out to underestimate something/someone, judging without the clear facts. Thus truth will be a slap in the face and painful.91Please respect copyright.PENANA1aRi8FS71F
copyright protection87PENANAcEpc7g5675

Look at today's people. Many have their faces glued on glowing screens of their smartphones or laptop/computer (even we writers & readers). No wonder before the Paris terror attack many underestimated the ISIS and even ignored them. Now like a slap in the face with many dead victims we've awoke from our "dream of ignorance". What is also very frightenig is that we can be easily manipulated then ever.copyright protection87PENANAzfO4h0xd8K

Of course things never go the same way twice but they have parallels nevertheless.copyright protection87PENANAwzjA5eMqzh

Sorry if all this came offensive and negative. I just wanted to share my opinion about this question.91Please respect copyright.PENANAd6ZTvUF9BR
copyright protection87PENANAeLWDY3U3a2

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