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The powerful ones
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The powerful ones
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slice of life (my life)
By Tree
Mar 26, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!F9X2OEVfqyNYtQXnp0WGposted on PENANA

  What if you found a person who was like me, horns, a tail, blue hair, and crazy powers. Well you can guess that I have very little friends, but I do have two friends. Their names are Zac, and Chloe. They excepted me, and I them. And they both have my personalty, witty, crazy awesome, and our teenage instinct to do stupid crap like steal stuff.81Please respect copyright.PENANADrLEDCtwL2
copyright protection77PENANAUGOvDHy95I

  But thats just what we do, like pretty much every teen. You cant say that you have never stolen any thing. If youre that perfect angle that says you never done anything wrong in your whole life time, youre lying. Thats the facts.copyright protection77PENANAFKRDNFhJVI

I have not been excepted by a lot schools because I'm the devil in people's eyes. But, I did get excepted in Palaverda High School, home of the bears (our logo is a fat bear eating honey, ya team spirit). It's in Idaho.copyright protection77PENANAiIGLzE8YE4

 I live in Idahoe because it's a small place that dosen't get much visitors, plus it has a school I can go to. We had to move a lot to find a school I can go to.copyright protection77PENANAEyKt4obCyg

 I live with my mom because my dad died when I was ten because people wanted to study me and do tests on me. This ment taking me away forever, my dad fought back. They killed him. They then went for me but... I killed them. Lighting my house on fire. Fire so hot that there was nothing to bury.copyright protection77PENANAkd1cQPS8yN

 This all happened when my mom was teaching her music class, she tought band at a middle school. If she was there she would have been dead to, and I would freeze to death because I fainted after that for five days and five nights (personl record) in the winter. Now my mom teaches band in my school to protect me.copyright protection77PENANAQRwxD5cL4Q

 Chloe, Zac, and I eat lunch together every day in the band room with my mom. With my mom having a whole room, it's like a second house. Plus Chloe and Zac love my mom like their own.copyright protection77PENANAQJpBcu0n6y

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