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The Game Of Life
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Writer Destiny
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The Game Of Life
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Dec 3, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KvHLkU313LRwZa4EeJQ6posted on PENANA

11 year old Cerys was a normal girl just walking along the beach side. Not caring at all. She looked like any other middle school girl with short brown hair and green eyes. The thing that made her different was.............well,........................nothing. She wished for just a little  excitement in her life. She was skipping school today because her parents didn't care, she didn't care. For the record, no one in this story cares. She suddenly broke down on her knees and burst out crying. She had been strong, but she didn't care now. She didn't care about anything. She wanted to just disappear where no one could see her. She felt something wet on her. The water was hitting her skirt awkwardly so she got up, still crying, and ran. Where she ran she doesn't know because her eyes were shut. The next thing she knew, she was feeling the wind on her face. She opened her eyes and shrieked, which was a mistake because she fell off whatever she was on. She heard a rush of feathers that apparently went right back under her and swooped her up gracefully. She felt the back of the creature, fur. She felt the front, feathers. "Hey, Pal. WATCH IT!" The Creature shrieked. "Sorry. By any chance, are you a griffin?" Cerys asked. "Duh, Dumbo! What else? By the way, The name's Eloise! And You are Cerys I suppose! You were sobbing, "be strong Cerys"! Quite Pitiful I say!" She said. Cerys looked puzzled for a moment and looked over to see a dragon with three long ice crystals sprouting from it's back. The dragon's wings had to be at least 5 yard long each. Cerys Screeched. "Jeez, do you freak out about everything? That's just Alimba!" She said. The Dragon smiled at hearing her name out loud. " Hi Cerys! The name's Alimba! I know, I know, I'm very good at guessing names! Maybe I can read your mind! Just Kidding! MAAAAAAAAAAAAYBEEEEE!!!!!!! But do you come from Earth?" The Dragon blathered. Cerys looked confused but she remembered. This was too cool to be earth. "Um............Yeah." She Said. The dragon frowned. "My, My. You poor thing..........." The dragon sighed. "What's Wrong?" Cerys Asked. "My friend, You have just wandered into  the game of life........It's a dangerous game. You can only leave if you beat the game. " 84Please respect copyright.PENANAMhyu3To7Vr
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Flow - Please break down paragraphs... Otherwise it's confusing.
2 years agoreply

Destiny - This was A rough draft i posted....I'm planning on making a better version of this with better wording and making everything straight.
2 years agoreply

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