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Untitled Thus Far
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Co-Writer Nevada May*
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Untitled Thus Far
Nevada May
Dec 4, 2015
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ifQmfnRbATifrjK60YKrposted on PENANA

Prologue:copyright protection40PENANA1MkfK095tH

They are all such fools. They see me, but yet they do not care, they do not run though I am the most powerful being on the planet. They stare at me as though I am one of them, but I am most certainly not. I am not a feeble minded, sack of skin and bone. No I am so much more than that so so very much more. All those traits the humans see as weak and foolish, the traits they disregard, they all reside within me. They are power, and many have them, the power is weak, yes, but in few there is immense power. Power far greater than your own. Oh yes I am no fool I sense you, but you may stay. You have no power, but to listen, yes I know that and you are frightened of me, so very frightened. And yes as you think I have found these “humans”, the strong ones, and yes the time is coming, o’ foolish one. I shall bring them together and they will rule over you as your Kings and Queens, for that is what you deserve. You are a parasite feeding upon everyone’s power except theirs because you know I can stop you, you know they can stop you. And that is why you banished them, you are afraid of them. You are afraid of mere children because they were born to overthrow you as the prophecy says. So you sent them to Earth thinking that would keep you from the danger. You executed anyone who dared support them and rebel. But you fool, you sent them to me on Earth so I thank you. They are ready now, I will train them and come to you and you will kneel before them and you will kneel before me. Your world will rejoice and you will die. While the kingdom you so foolishly tried to take over and rule will be restored, by them and by me. Now you may go; leave me or die a thousand painful deaths. I shall meet you on the field of battle and there you will be brutally destroyed. I shall win and you will lose there is no other outcome, you and I know that don’t we. Now goodbye o’ sweet Father of mine. copyright protection40PENANA3LXU7dhZoS

    10-22-2046:Francecopyright protection40PENANASH8j1Sp1R9

“ANITIA! Where are you?” Nagi shouted, the echo of her voice sounded throughout the cave. copyright protection40PENANAtTWN8HOhMh

“Here! Jeez Nagi I’m fine where are the others?” Anitia shouted back. copyright protection40PENANAZP3WKb91ay

“I don’t know I’ve been calling them for hours.” Nagi said her voice wavering slightly. Anitia noticed the slight crack in her voice and took note of it storing it in the endless abyss of her mind. copyright protection40PENANAU2g2lhVLjM

“Nagi, we have only been here for a matter of seconds.” Anitia replied anxiously ignoring the eerie echo of her voice, “Did you gaze again? Really Nagi you need to get control of your gazing.”copyright protection40PENANAVMFSzNzo5l

“I’m sorry! I can’t help it and it’s not like you’ll ever understand you don’t even have a power of your own! They are hard to control. You know why are you even with us you aren’t like us you’re powerless there is no point to-” She said getting cut off by a voice. The voice came from the shadows, it came closer and closer but the figure it originated from did not seem to move at all. copyright protection40PENANAG4bJ1VVaX5

“Oh, Nagi you always were the foolish one, I did think that you were smarter, but you are deeply mistaken. Anitia has far greater power than your own. If she didn’t you wouldn’t follow her or immediately accept her as your leader. Now would you?” The thing now definitely approaching them looked straight at Nagi piercing through her body with an ice cold glare. Nagi made is if to to answer, but the thing now more clearly a tall and slender man waved his hand and walked straight up to her.copyright protection40PENANAJR8ZUthQfA

“Rhetorical question. Do you know what that is?” Anitia decided now would be the time to decide what he wanted and get out. Nagi just nodded paralyzed by the sight of the man towering over them. “Very good. Oh and Anitia don’t even try. I learned to block people like you out ever since I was, but a mere toddler. I will explain everything as soon as you get back with the others.” copyright protection40PENANADamj2W7Ckc

“Should I go find-” copyright protection40PENANAY1gaKh5Fs3

“Oh yes that would be very nice Nagi” The man said. Nagi looked slightly confused, but did not speak as she turned and walked away calling their names. Anitia looked at the man and did not speak, not yet at least, but she did tuck away the fact that this man was a liar and a traitor. She noted that he only worked for the good of himself and didn’t care about anyone, but himself and his own notions. I will have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t harm my friends she thought.copyright protection40PENANALcVTbQnsHC

“Yes Anitia?” He asked.copyright protection40PENANA3kMqDPmKsH

“I don’t trust you and I assume you already know that, but I will listen to you and find out why I am here. Though when it comes time for you to use me in your master plan just know if I do not agree with you I will not do anything and nor will my friends.” Anitia told the man before swiftling turning and walking toward Nagi. copyright protection40PENANAXqIeAtwG9Y

Yes but you will my friend, you always will, because that is what you have friends for. You will do as I ask to save them. I know you will the man thought to himself. copyright protection40PENANAKUbFOnwbQd

10-22-2046: Sweden copyright protection40PENANAOTxBjbqGWS

    “Hello boys. Do you know where the others are?”copyright protection40PENANAnTj67TADAJ

    “The girls you mean, Anitia and Nagi. No I don’t know, one second we were at our house and the next here. It’s all a bit fuzzy honestly.” Runquin said, glancing around at the place that he and Bazil had been transported to. It was a sizely apartment not in the greatest shape, but good enough. copyright protection40PENANACkEN0sawE0

    “Okay then they aren’t here, I must have missed them.” The man in front of the two boys said. He glanced down at a silver watch and fiddles with it hoping for results. When nothing happened he glances back up. Runquin couldn’t keep his eyes of the watch o not a watch, Runquin determined from the looks of it, no it was some kind of odd device. “Oh you’re wondering what this is. It‘s a teleport interceptor. It’s what got both of you here.”copyright protection40PENANAJsUh3dsuTo

    “But how and why are we h-” Bazil asked speaking his first words in the few minutes they had been there or was it a few minutes at times like this he wished Nagi was here, her perception of time was almost more accurate than clocks, Bazil thought to himself.copyright protection40PENANAnhhGopAY2a

    “No time to explain, in fact just under 3 minutes to explain. You are about to be teleported to a cave, this teleport interceptor is a primitive design and won’t hold you here for long and it took longer than I expected for you to wake up. Anyways that is where your friends are and I need you to warn them not to trust the man, well not man more alien, you are about to meet. He is an evil conniving fox trying to undermine my plans. Eventually you will know more because I will find you and explain, but for now you need to learn to use your powers and do nothing he says. Please trust me. Your life does in this situation depend on it. Good bye, I will find you soon, but until then good luck you’ll need it.” The man said glancing around nervously and at his watch nervously the entire time he spoke. He acts like a man who's afraid of being heard or caught, Runquin noticed, used to making these deduction because of Anitia’s pestering to do so. He quietly glanced up to see if Bazil had noticed the same thing, having spent the entire 18 years of their life together and every day of it together Runquin easily could tell he had deduced that and more. He also knew that even though he and Bazil had no idea what was going on, they did trust this man, in fact with their lives. He had not the slightest clue why, but did anyways. copyright protection40PENANAHFvlsvOD1t

    “Runquin do you trust him?” Bazil asked.copyright protection40PENANAEKVy1ZLutF

    “Yea I do and I have not the slightest clue why,” Runquin replied right before the world in front of them vanished into a bright light and then into the darkest blackness that both boys had ever seen, but not before catching the slight smirk of the man, when he thought they couldn’t see anymore.copyright protection40PENANASRWaxkz7jB

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