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File 247
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Writer BML1997
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File 247
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Chapter 5: Never Better
Dec 7, 2015
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pIOPyN0bPpVScvBDuXJdposted on PENANA

Chapter 5: Never Bettercopyright protection60PENANA1GiXRywEop

“Sir?” Private looks at Skipper as he waddles behind him. “Why are we going to Tennessee? Is Kowalski needing to borrow one of the top-secret thingies from a military base there again?”copyright protection60PENANAcO71DFPEQF

“What?” Skipper glances weirdly over his shoulder at him and shakes his head. “No, Manfredi hid something there and we are going to go retrieve and analyze it.”copyright protection60PENANA3Mxgh9UM6E

“Oh.” The private nods.copyright protection60PENANA08kj5cRBQg

Skipper nods and grabs a few things and tosses them to Rico. “Kowalski, ready the hologram. I doubt we’re going to be back anytime soon.”copyright protection60PENANA03585JNUnE

“But we are only retrieving the thing, aren’t we?” Private asks.copyright protection60PENANAzrr7IJgCvm

“There is no telling what we’ll do after that, all things considering…” Kowalski says and clears his throat.copyright protection60PENANAhwvBPANHcE

“All things considering what?” He asks.copyright protection60PENANAXdI2lNL9H9

Kowalski pats him on the head. “We’ll explain when you’re older. You’re much too young to hear about that mission besides that it happened.”copyright protection60PENANAOhAfojZFVu

“What mission?”copyright protection60PENANA2c1xOQ8Cxl

“Guatemala…” Skipper sighs. “And we all would have loved to have forgotten that mission.”copyright protection60PENANAhvyZyUNk4v

“Except a certain Skipper who started re-reading the file.” Kowalski mutters under his breath to Private.copyright protection60PENANAtSM48bn7Qj

Skipper gives him an unamused look and then looks away for a moment and clears his throat. “I can’t help that certain parts of the mission were worth reliving…”copyright protection60PENANACTwDqluzX2

Rico mutters something unintelligible to Kowalski and then snickers. copyright protection60PENANAUfxse5m1pq

Kowalski struggles to restrain himself and nods. “Quite possibly, Rico, quite possibly.”copyright protection60PENANAwTjjXsvlzl

“What?” Private asks.copyright protection60PENANAEcfbQFwkeu

“N-nothing, Private.” The scientist giggles.copyright protection60PENANAm8JUBXZYZp

Skipper rolls his eyes. “Are you guys going to continue gossiping like a bunch of capricious nancy cats or can we move on?” He snorts.copyright protection60PENANApwiIQgalCK

Kowalski and Rico nod, but still stifle giggles.copyright protection60PENANAHhXWsNCZ8Q

“We’ll take the subway to the airport and then stow ourselves on a nonstop to Tennessee. Once there we will reassess our travel possibilities.” He says. “Now, move out.”copyright protection60PENANAtuZdpBboza

The four penguins slide off to the metro where they slide down the escalator rails down to the bottom. For a moment they hide themselves behind potted plants until a lady in a long dress walks by. Skipper motions and all four slide under her dress. He keeps his flippers over Private’s young, curious eyes as he has Kowalski keep watch on their position in comparison to the metro. They are in luck that their long-dressed compadre just happens to be boarding the metro that they need on. The four then roll under the seats and lay there on their bellies among the discarded bubble gum and feet of the crowded metro car.copyright protection60PENANAOYH7HxoSS0

While they sit there, Skipper contemplates the file. He thinks back on the mission itself, the traumatizing thrills, the heartbreaking romance, the fighting...He frowns. The fighting, there shouldn’t have ever been any fighting. He had set the rules and the only one above his rules would have been himself.copyright protection60PENANADAhAwKn8Kv

Skipper shakes his head as his thoughts drift from the Guatemala mission to what Marlene would say to him being above his own rules. No matter how hard he shook his head, she continued her tirade. He should have followed his own rules. He should have set a better example. She wasn't worth what she nearly led them to. She was trouble beginning to end. He shakes his head harder.copyright protection60PENANAZd0YqpACO9

“Skipper?” Kowalski looks at him softly. “Are you okay?”copyright protection60PENANAMC8uKQ18IU

“Never better.” He says and stops shaking his head. ‘Yes, I get it, Marlene, drop it already!’ He thinks irritatedly. ‘If you weren’t dead, if you had left the bunnies to us, maybe I’d listen. But I don’t listen to figments of my imagination. Been there, done that.’ He mentally scoffs.copyright protection60PENANA9lurV1bj9W

“Skipper, it’s our stop.” His lieutenant interrupts.copyright protection60PENANAO89P7AeHc3

“Right then. Men, roll out.” He orders and the four roll themselves out of the subway car. “Kowalski, Rico, scout out a map so we can figure out where we are.”copyright protection60PENANARZGZuqQwzy

“Aye aye, Skipper.” Kowalski nods and he and Rico separate, leaving Skipper and Private standing behind a trashcan.copyright protection60PENANAqIUVaPWm85

Private looks at Skipper thoughtfully. “What happened in Guatemala, Skipper?”copyright protection60PENANAiXesMm213f

Skipper tenses up and glances at the young private. “Too much to explain, Private...But in all unclassified simplicity, there was a mission. The five of us became sidetracked. There was a brawl that no one won. Then we came to our senses and came home, leaving the mission incomplete.” He looks off into the distance. “It was a dark time for teamwork.” He sighs.copyright protection60PENANA4VfLVJbLfL

“Incomplete?”copyright protection60PENANAjGudCE3y0c

“Yes, but it was better leaving it unfinished than the team breaking apart and going our separate ways.” He nods with a frown.copyright protection60PENANAEiaTKWfNYj

“Are we going to finish it now?” He asks with a smile.copyright protection60PENANA33ejO930Vj

Skipper glances over at him tiredly and pats him on the head. “We’ll see, young Private. That will depend on many things….Many classified things.”copyright protection60PENANALfZfsBUwaU

“Oh…” He looks at Skipper again. “If we do try to complete it, do I get to know what happened then?”copyright protection60PENANAJOcTHXQXLO

The skipper looks at him with a small, amused smile. “Ah, young sweet, naive Private, if we all had this demanding curiosity of yours, we'd be dead.” He shakes his head with a chuckle. “Some things are better that you just never know, Private.”copyright protection60PENANAgOSu7GEaHz

“Fiddlesticks.” Private murmurs and crosses his flippers, disappointed.copyright protection60PENANAttOtJh5DOf

Skipper just chuckles a little to himself and watches as Kowalski and Rico side back to them. He had to admit, he had missed this. The thrill, the focus, the teamwork. Just the four of them, like it had been before Marlene...But still it just didn't feel the same, more bittersweet.copyright protection60PENANAxx4KqMIgJt

“Sir, we should be able to slide to the plane without issue.” Kowalski says, taking out his clipboard and showing him the brochure map he has borrowed.copyright protection60PENANA5ZiXuqE8Bm

“Great.” Skipper nods. “We’ll hide out in the cargo hold.”copyright protection60PENANAI4PxyyPDbD

“But what about the pets aboard, sir?” copyright protection60PENANATJbXuCJcSt

Skipper looks at Private. “You're the one always going on about friendship and diplomacy, you figure them out once we’re aboard.”copyright protection60PENANAGYsYWWoB5Z

Private swallows nervously and Kowalski pats his shoulder. “Plus they’ll be in cages anyway, no worries.” He whispers.copyright protection60PENANAXO4MlDkagw

“Oh...Right.” He smiles a little relieved.copyright protection60PENANAOafZ8KBSWu

Skipper has already started sliding and stops to see his team not following. “Come on you lollygaggers! Planes run on schedules!”copyright protection60PENANAlDtOBpKZ0Q

64Please respect copyright.PENANAZXE3KZG4aX

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