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My Game has Begun
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Writer jeff-the-killer
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My Game has Begun
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Part 2
Dec 16, 2015
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SbO2xMYiDI1ZnD7NiXOaposted on PENANA

I just stood there, frozen in terror. My mind wheeled with questions and plans for escape as the monochrome clown looked me over in excited interest. Finally I broke from my horrified trance and took a small step back only to find myself against a wall. The clowns grin widened as he fed off my fear and he slowly began to walk toward me, his pale blue eyes never once left mine as he moved closer. I pressed myself to the wall, and a chill rippled down my spine as the coldness of the wall seemed to soak through my clothes.  “What game?” I finally choked out, truthfully not wanting to hear his answer. He cocked his head slightly to the side, watching my reaction as he answered, “a game of cat and mouse” he said in a low raspy voice. My every instinct told me to run, to get away from this psychotic killer. But on the inside I knew that’s what he wanted. I fought the urge to run as he finally stood directly in front of me, turning my head away from him I closed my eyes and willed it all too just be a nightmare. But that’s the problem, it wasn’t a nightmare, it wasn’t my imagination.copyright protection116PENANAWoXpiyScDr

I flinched and whimpered in fear at his touch as he turned my head to face him. “Shhhh” he cooed with sick mock, “you don’t need to cry just yet” he murmured quietly as a sinister grin stretched across his face. I kept my eyes tightly shut, trying to block out the image of his sickeningly thrilled smile. He chuckled darkly at my fear, “it’s just my luck a pretty little thing like you came out here all alone” he purred sadistically. I pressed myself closer to the chilled wall, wishing I could just vanish into the concrete. He tilted his head slightly to the side, giving me a thoughtful look. “What do you want?” I questioned timidly. “What’s with the questions?” he asked with amusement. “You’re the one who came to me” he continued, his smile growing, “so I should ask you what you want” he said, I glimmer of excitement in his eyes.copyright protection116PENANAxvClxa8wtM

I just stared at him, scared and confused. He chuckled quietly at my frightened expression, “how about that game now?” he said with a sinister grin. “w-what?!” I stammered, trying to control my fear. “Hide and seek” he continued, ignoring my worried question. I shook uncontrollably as he seemed to quietly ponder the idea. I looked around for a way to escape while he hummed in careless thought. He seemed to read my mind as he moved his face closer to mine, “here’s the deal” he said in a low tone “you hide, and if I find and catch you-“he cut off with a dark chuckle, “than I can do what I please” he finished with an excited grin. I stiffened slightly, not fully sure what he meant by that. And with that he slowly brought his hands up to his eyes. “Ten…” he began, flashing a wicked grin.copyright protection116PENANAfuMC7TpqQe

I bolted for the door, stumbling over broken alcohol bottles and sliding on the smearing pools of blood. “Nine” he called out excitedly, I didn’t turn back as I struggled through the broken boards. “Eight” he called in an amused voice. I gained many cuts and scratches in my rapid struggle through the loose boards. “Seven” he hollered with a light chuckle. I ran down the road and back towards my house in a dead sprint. I didn’t turn to look back as I ran down the street, counting in my head the entire way. I felt like I couldn’t move my legs fast enough as I reached the number ‘four’ in my head. My house came into view as I reached three, and I burst through the front door at the count of two.copyright protection116PENANABNCzcU857L

My heart raced as I dashed up to my room. I slammed my bedroom door behind me and stood there in my dark room, taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself. I swallowed as I made my way to my window. It was the only window I had in my room and it overlooked the front yard and the street. I cautiously peeked through the dark brown curtains, and to my relief saw no monochrome clowns out in the street. I tried to keep watch, but after an hour and a half or so I began to get drowsy. Soon I dozed off around 3:20 or so.copyright protection116PENANAwEg90Oj8lM

I woke up only to find out I was late for school. I threw on whatever I could find that was clean and ran downstairs to grab something quick for breakfast. I tornado-ed through the pantry before grabbing a chocolate chip granola bar and running out to the garage to get my skateboard. On the ride to school I pondered the possibility of the event last night to be real or just a very strong dream. Actually I thought about it all day. School went by quickly as I debated on if I should tell someone I had faced a killer last night, if anyone would even believe me. I decided to brush everything off as a very vivid dream. A dream that I would tell no one about.copyright protection116PENANAVAgHdoADPq

I went through the rest of the afternoon as I had the entire day, like a mindless zombie. I hardly even tasted what my mom had made for dinner, which was something that both of my parents found odd. Yet no one said anything. I went to bed early that night too, hoping I could catch up on the sleep I had missed the night before.copyright protection116PENANARreu0qo8wv

I laid quietly in the dark bedroom, my curtains stayed shut, blocking out the sights of whatever things crept in the dead of night. I turned to look at my alarm clock and sighed in frustration as it blinked 10:05 in bright red numbers. I rolled over and curled up in a fatal position facing the wall. I was finally on the brink of sleep when I heard the creak of the closet door opening behind me. “I found you” a sadistic voice whispered with a dark chuckle.120Please respect copyright.PENANAifVyW8XwMN
copyright protection116PENANAT2aabaZvjk

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