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Writer Kristen Verne
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Kristen Verne
Dec 5, 2015
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3H1FgNZmkfbzyzQ5GrVgposted on PENANA

Rimi sat by her window, staring down at a young man by the gates, who stared back. She jumped as a hand placed itself on her shoulder. “Uncle!” Ansem the Wise stood behind her, a playful smile on his face. “Don’t scare me like that!”copyright protection32PENANA7GUtvtKd0a

“I’m sorry, my dear,” he sat down beside her.copyright protection32PENANAj4RlK88Kut

“Is there something you needed?”copyright protection32PENANA0G2yfTEWkz

He placed a hand on hers. “Have the two of you decided on a date yet?”copyright protection32PENANAcrf7VKBFYC

“No, not just yet. We’re still trying to decide.”copyright protection32PENANAPhHHCrPLcj

Ansem smiled at her. Just days ago, he’d given Kaname permission to marry his niece. He passed on the sword, of their family to the young man, which he now wore at his waist, every day. The two were beginning to plan for their wedding. “There’s no rush, take your time.”copyright protection32PENANAecZhKfapbu

“Thank you, Uncle.” She smiled before standing. “I’m going to go down and see him.” She left the room, flying down the stairs. She passed by the young, upcoming scientist, Even, who gave her a annoyed glance as she nearly knocked papers from his hands.copyright protection32PENANAYoWevSZ7xX

Kaname looked towards the gate with a grin as his fiancé came out. “Hello, my darling Rimi!”copyright protection32PENANAJner4RTTD5

“Hello, darling.” She went to his side, allowing him to wrap his arms around her waist as she leaned in to kiss him.copyright protection32PENANAdRhd82sirE

“If you two want to leave, we won’t stop you.” Kaname’s fellow guard, and childhood friend, Dilan smirked.copyright protection32PENANANq2KEyCEFa

“If that’s the case,” Kaname and Rimi strode off, leaving the castle behind them.copyright protection32PENANABpyQRCIKwl

Aeleus rolled his eyes. “How about we don’t give them any more chances to leave.”copyright protection32PENANAPKc7Xl9qEB

“Probably a good idea…”copyright protection32PENANA5s17cGGPkm

Rimi clung to her fiancé’s arm as they walked through the streets. Music wafted through the air, making the marketplace feel alive and joyous. People danced in the square to the beat, enjoying the beautiful day.copyright protection32PENANAZVMxMDaunH

Rimi gasped as Kaname grabbed her arm and threw an arm about her waist. “Shall we dance, my dear?”copyright protection32PENANAPdr2kpotQ2

“Indeed!” The two twirled around the square, to the music.copyright protection32PENANA5Vv62HNJw7

Everyone around stopped, staring at the two. “Is that the princess?”copyright protection32PENANA5w3R4PufkR

“Isn’t that the captain of the guard?”copyright protection32PENANAWa4ndpNBTD

“Oh, they’re adorable!”copyright protection32PENANAEYy95BRSko

“Didn’t you hear? They’re engaged!”copyright protection32PENANAZqU3hZSMed

“They look so perfect!”copyright protection32PENANAEanJyA8lc1

The couple spun around to the music, ignoring the people around them. The music stopped and they halted in the middle of the square before Rimi put her hands behind her lover’s head, pulling him into a kiss.copyright protection32PENANAYRZx158SXt

The onlookers erupted in applause, making the two blush. They left the square and made their way through the marketplace. A woman reached out waving the couple over to her stall. She handed Rimi a small cake. “For you, my lady.”copyright protection32PENANAgXTb0bbSXp

“Oh, I don’t need this, but thank you.”copyright protection32PENANA6BAtk84suh

“No,” the woman insisted. “It is for you, my lady, for you and your beloved.”copyright protection32PENANAus8u09z92w

“Why thank you.” The princess tore the cake in two, handing the half to her fiancé. Moments later, a group of young girls came running up to them.copyright protection32PENANACitwuuIFmF

“Lady Rimi!” Their hands were full of flowers. “These are for you, my lady!” copyright protection32PENANA5thFWBO14i

The couple smiled. “Why thank you.”copyright protection32PENANAizLr3LACUC

“You sure are popular…” Kaname smiled.copyright protection32PENANA9xVD4q7M6u

One of the little girls held a bunch of coronations her hand. “These are for you, Sir Kaname!”copyright protection32PENANAscYJSUlGWq

“Why thank you, sweetie!”copyright protection32PENANAZfZKG2wgFr

The two continued on, hands now full of flowers. “If we get many more gifts, we won’t be able to carry it all.”copyright protection32PENANATPYPt3gBQm

“I hope that this is merely a special occasion, and not something you do regularly. Coming in contact with commoners too much can turn a noble soft.” An elderly voice caught the couple’s attention.copyright protection32PENANA6iy42qZo7V

Rimi turned to see an old woman, in violet and crimson robes, standing behind them, a small entourage of people behind her. The princess tensed. “Oh no…”copyright protection32PENANAO6bNRRQn8w

“Rimi,” the woman approached. “It has been a long time, my dear.”copyright protection32PENANAO2mNRQQ7rH

Rimi took Kaname’s hand. “Yes… it has.”copyright protection32PENANAux03C2uBqB

“Rimi, who is she?”copyright protection32PENANAxfII3zAUWI

The woman looked at him. “Oh, you must be the fiancé I’ve heard so much about. I’m Queen Hanako…”copyright protection32PENANAqLKNzCDpK4

“My grandmother…” Rimi spoke with disgust.copyright protection32PENANA7eC7hf9MRA

Kaname looked between his wife and the old queen. There was an obvious tension between the two. “Um, why don’t we go to the castle? I think you’ll be more comfortable there, my lady.”copyright protection32PENANAnpQ58TFINC

“Why thank you young man…”copyright protection32PENANAqenb1WNFmx

The queen made her way to the castle with the couple following. Kaname’s fiancé turned to him. “I’m warning you, we’re going to regret this.”copyright protection32PENANAKuLmB3CLPt

Ansem visibly cringed when Hanako entered. “M-Mother, it’s been a while.”copyright protection32PENANAldSbj05YJT

“Hello, son,” she dismissed him quickly. “I’m only here because I wanted to meet the man is to become my grandson.”copyright protection32PENANAA97Yk9V8Oi

Kaname smiled. “That would be me…”copyright protection32PENANAFyMrVovy9k

“I do hope you’re of proper blood.” Hanako sat down in Ansem’s chair. “I don’t want to see any more of my line contaminated.” Her eyes drifted over to Rimi for a second.copyright protection32PENANA1vyUGRVMQE

“Excuse me,” the captain held up his hands, “What do you mean by ‘contaminated’?”copyright protection32PENANAFqONp9XlhM

The queen looked directly at the young man. “Our bloodline was full of nobility, until my oldest son came along, his brother.” She pointed to Ansem. “He went behind the backs of my husband and me, and married an Ido girl… those Idos, all the do is steal and cheat people. And she’s their daughter…” her finger moved to point at Rimi. “Her bloodline is tainted; she’s nothing more than street trash, just like her mother!”copyright protection32PENANAEXlrphPUPY

“How dare you!” Kaname growled. “How dare you speak about her like that?!”copyright protection32PENANAfRtNMaEHXu

“How dare YOU!?” She stood up. “I may not be ruler now, but I still have power.” She took a deep breath. “Now, why don’t you tell me who you are, before I lose my temper once again?”copyright protection32PENANAmDVbqlknHC

The man took a breath to calm himself. “My name is Kaname Mae…”copyright protection32PENANA9lAuNZLCTB

“MAE!?” She shrieked. She turned on her son. “YOU ALLOWED A MAE TO GET ENGAGED TO ONE OF OURS! He’s the son of an Insurgo! That very Insurgo killed your captain and tried to kill you and Rimi!”copyright protection32PENANAB8s5WegBWd

“Mother, calm down,” Ansem broke off. “He’s not his father… he stopped his father from killing us.”copyright protection32PENANA6iQ2ugnPE5

“You let him come into this place! This is worse than her marrying a commoner! You let the son of a radical rebel get engaged to your niece.” She approached her son. “His blood makes him the scum of the earth; he deserves to be in a cage! His bloodline will cause nothing but…”copyright protection32PENANArOq2jd15QV

Rimi stormed up to her grandmother, slapping the woman across the face. “You can insult me, but you do not insult the love of my life!”copyright protection32PENANAGr48x1nNCj

The queen held where her granddaughter slapped her. “I won’t forget this…” She stormed out of the room.copyright protection32PENANA0ICRK678WM

Rimi shook until a hand slipped into her own. “Rimi… thank you, my darling.”copyright protection32PENANAdoAEqUSsZI

Kaname looked up at his fiancé’s window; ever since her grandmother left, a week ago, the poor girl had been depressed. She didn’t want to see anyone, but considering some of the thing her grandmother said, he wasn’t surprised.copyright protection32PENANAoFasOIubv6

“Kaname,” Ansem came up to his future son-in-law. “I need you to speak with my niece…”copyright protection32PENANAvvP8mAeuJb

“She won’t talk to me,” He paused, “Is it true, what your mother said about who Rimi’s parents were?”copyright protection32PENANAhWzSBZMurL

“Yes…”copyright protection32PENANAdPqnie5MqB

The young captain leaned against the wall. “So her mother was an Ido huh… I know a few Idos: traveling merchants and performers, infamous for stealing. I didn’t know your brother married an Ido. What was she like?”copyright protection32PENANATV7I3ujiY2

“Mariko was gentle and loved my brother and myself. She was an amazing singer; that’s actually what she used to do when she lived with her Ido family.” He gave a sad smile. “That dear girl, she even treated my mother with kindness. It was a sad day when she and my Hachirou died. Honestly, my brother was supposed to be king, but because he married Mariko, that title was taken from him and given to me. However, because he died… I don’t think it really mattered.”copyright protection32PENANAtgZ28A2V4t

“I see…” the captain sighed. “I hope your mother doesn’t do anything rash because of our engagement.”copyright protection32PENANAGhj7FCmLpM

“She already has…”copyright protection32PENANAmiIt1MXk4W

Dilan came walking up; Ansem looked over at him. “What are you saying?”copyright protection32PENANAmyclBlWDg0

“I looked up some contacts who work for Lady Hanako. She’s been gathering people who support her to come and forcibly make you break off your engagement. They’re coming tomorrow…” His face became solemn.copyright protection32PENANA7Xir4Y3qJs

Kaname growled. “I’m really starting to hate that woman… no offense sir.”copyright protection32PENANAd6LVAMHx6M

“None taken; I’m not fond of her myself.”copyright protection32PENANAutkHOV3Kyj

“She wants us to break off our engagement?” Rimi’s sweet, but nervous voice came from behind them. “Uncle, what can we do?”copyright protection32PENANALGg47l2aLM

The man thought for a moment before smiling. “We’ll do the same thing your parents did to prevent my parents from stopping them.”copyright protection32PENANADZSpUscB0i

“Which is?”copyright protection32PENANAnvMIcAEflc

“You two get married… today.”copyright protection32PENANAz7TQb0bebX

The couple looked at one another; they’d been planning to wait a few months at least before getting married. “If we marry, her hands will be tied.”copyright protection32PENANA0PWTeRmqtm

“I know…” she smiled. “I didn’t realy want to wait long anyway. I love you and wanted to marry as soon as possible, even though I didn’t act like it.”copyright protection32PENANAJQRvz46djs

“Tonight then?”copyright protection32PENANAqTzjJLjVZv

“Tonight!”copyright protection32PENANAT0kQTzHf0a

“Uncle, what are you on about?” Rimi laughed as her guardian pulled her to his chambers.copyright protection32PENANACJ1tfAymNS

He wore a wide smile on his face. “There’s something I want to give you.” He went to the wardrobe at the back of his room. “Your mother didn’t have much for her wedding either, but she did have this…” He pulled out a long, white, silk dress. It was plain looking with long flowing sleeves. “And, she wanted you to have this one day.”copyright protection32PENANAOeLoxv9Rq9

“Oh! Uncle!” She took the dress in her hands. “It’s beautiful…”copyright protection32PENANAmj9Ha2gRig

“I can’t wait to see you wear it…”copyright protection32PENANA1U03ogDWCr

Kaname nervously straightened his uniform. Dilan, Aeleus, and Even stood nearby, smirking at his unease. “I don’t think you’ve ever looked this scared before.”copyright protection32PENANAOqFAOd5Y5w

“Shut up! I’m already nervous enough!”copyright protection32PENANA7sQg90jqRB

Ansem entered the room, smiling at his captain, with Kaname’s mother, Sakura, following. “Are you prepared, Kaname?”copyright protection32PENANAHTvHWUYzQA

“Does he look it?” Even chuckled.copyright protection32PENANA1F1HgPUlOZ

The men laughed at Kaname’s red face. “I’ll take that as a maybe.”copyright protection32PENANARVrHbBHv1z

“C-can we just start…? My nerves can’t take much more…”copyright protection32PENANA6JsCrowpYn

“Alright…” the ruler went to the side door, opening it. “Come in, dear.”copyright protection32PENANAZZ30GjQBEE

Kaname’s breath caught in his throat as Rimi entered the room; dressed in the white silk dress, with her hair tied up in a braid, and a crown of flowers circling her head. “R-Rimi…”copyright protection32PENANABwA3dMEVhG

“Kaname…” the woman blushed deeply as she took his hand.copyright protection32PENANAuopW0Rkxgj

There, in the darkness of night, two hearts became one.copyright protection32PENANAUgiYhZh7BW

Rimi took one look at her sleeping husband. Husband… how strange it felt to say that. Her face warmed as she looked at him.copyright protection32PENANAMcsnfG9UBq

There was a faint knock on the door, stirring Kaname. “Yes?”copyright protection32PENANAA5O02PRnm7

“I hate to disturb you,” came Aeleus’s voice, spoke softly. “But Lady Hanako is here.”copyright protection32PENANAGhoZfFYxNz

“Already?”copyright protection32PENANAuzMWW1D5Ve

“Yes…” the guard answered through the door. “She’s looking for you both.”copyright protection32PENANAwwklwnboKx

“Fine, we’ll be there in a few minutes.” Kaname sat up.copyright protection32PENANAwqPUq5zpDm

“And so it begins…” Rimi pulled on her robe, tying it about her as Kaname pulled on a pair of pants and a shirt.copyright protection32PENANAZ7WL4SMHYI

He kissed her gently. “Don’t worry, my dear. She can’t do anything to us now.”copyright protection32PENANAWvehRLE29o

“I know…” The two shared another kiss before leaving their room.copyright protection32PENANAAFPpzgv9F8

They entered the study to see the elderly woman. She narrowed her eyes at them. “Oh, did they have to wake you… so sad…” her voice dripped with sarcasm.copyright protection32PENANAvEgrpkkc1i

“What do you want?”copyright protection32PENANAVYOafFVTH5

She held up a paper. “If you recall the old judge who lives near me... he signed this order terminating your engagement.”copyright protection32PENANAiiL8Ilodu3

“Well,” Kaname smirked. “It’s a good thing our engagement’s already over.” The woman looked a little surprised; the couple pulled closer together as Kaname held up his hand, showing the wedding ring. “As of last night, we’re married.”copyright protection32PENANAmZHCr7WLjY

“What!?”copyright protection32PENANA4fWSpbyl5g

“Mother, if you’d look right here, I have their marriage certificate; it’s legal and binding, and there’s nothing you can do about it…” Ansem bore the same smirk as his captain.copyright protection32PENANArnycvgxUt2

The woman looked from the paper to the couple, face turning red from fury. “I won’t forget this…!” She stormed out, leaving the three staring after her, smiles on their faces.copyright protection32PENANAXQ2FstMpf6

“She’s gone…” Rimi threw her arms about her new husband.copyright protection32PENANAnjlkcLwL6B

Kaname hugged her back. “Yes she is…”copyright protection32PENANA1yZzKvPipj

“Now,” Ansem smiled. “You two enjoy this day; since we didn’t really have a chance to celebrate yesterday, we’ll have a feast tonight.”copyright protection32PENANAkm9n2CQO16

“Thank you, Uncle!”copyright protection32PENANAVpqhJD2fo9

“Now,” Kaname yawned. “I’m going back to bed…”copyright protection32PENANAQpHQZslOKK

Rimi clung to his side. “I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”copyright protection32PENANA857is9UjYW

“Not in the least…”copyright protection32PENANApTlQa4tdkR

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