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The little book of ideas
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The little book of ideas
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4: Battlefled [Historical/War]
Dec 20, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dXSL0L3ZxbxERT9u6lGwposted on PENANA

​A nomad, a renegade, a wanderer,  Rainer Battlefled is a man with many names. Previously a German soldier, Rainer flees the battle, taking the name Battlefled and tries starting a life away from the fighting. This turns out to be difficult when his face is on thousands of propaganda poster, all through Europe. copyright protection368PENANANccaaOBEtv

Rainer Battlefled, the name of a coward, the heart of a champion. Rainer Battlefled, a man with ambitions, a man with insight. Or just a lousy young man, depending on who's eyes you were looking at him through. He always tried avoiding people's gazes. He wasn't different. Rather he was painfully ordinary. Almost to the point of being boring.copyright protection368PENANAoGshst2wsz

He spent his life waiting. Waiting for the rain, waiting for the storm, waiting for action. He ran, trying to keep fit. He lifted, trying to gain. He ate, trying to maintain. Sometimes he'd even take a midnight walk around town. He'd hear the sirens, but he wouldn't see the source of the disturbance. He'd listen to his own footsteps, wishing he were somewhere else.copyright protection368PENANAH0ezTn30IK

Sometimes he'd walk in circles all night. He'd walk until he was shaking from the cold air. His eyes were bloodshot when he came home to his apartment. His fingers blue.copyright protection368PENANAwwXJG7xiM0

Rainer Battlefled didn't go to school. He only moved. Slowly, like a sloth. Even while running, his movements were unnaturally slow. His characteristic slow pace was known throughout town. When people heard the sluggish footsteps against the pavement, they knew it was Battlefled.copyright protection368PENANANaHgraJtGc

It was a morning like this Rainer was waiting for the train. He had a backpack over his shoulder. Rainer was slightly hunched over. Looking at something on the ground. It was a poster on the ground. On the poster he could see a face. While he looked at the face he touched his own. He felt the stubbles, the roughness. Looking at the poster he heard someone coming up behind him. The person tapped him on the shoulder. He froze, stepped on the poster and looked behind him. His shoulders could relax when he saw the baker smiling at him.copyright protection368PENANA3nciX6F06o

"In all my years in this hole of a town, I have never seen anyone staring as longingly into the distance as you do. And finally you're deciding to travel, after all these months." Rainer tried smiling. "Are you leaving us, Battlefled? Are you fleeing before the war comes?"copyright protection368PENANALCUJmBQTUC

"It's time to move on," Rainer said. The baker nodded.copyright protection368PENANAUHNCYfMHJt

"Take this, you'll need this. The world outside in dangerous." The baker handed him a piece of bread from his bag. Rainer thanked the man and put it under his arm.copyright protection368PENANATMR54OcKPi

"Where does your path lead you?"copyright protection368PENANA9BV3khFbbz

"Berlin, London, Dublin... I don't know."copyright protection368PENANAO6hBIfQvXz

"Don't you miss your home?" Rainer felt his heart sink as he though about the hamlet he once called home.copyright protection368PENANAYQmPWrE8bt

"Home is wherever I roam." The baker nodded. He looked down at his pocket watch. The next train for Bordeaux would arrive in a couple of minutes. Rainer had taken the time to memorise every departure from this lonely French country station.copyright protection368PENANArk5mopD3AP

"Bordeaux is waiting," the baker said. Rainer nodded. 372Please respect copyright.PENANAkQzfLzTVq2
"Take care," he said, watching the baker go towards the platform. Just as he had suspected, the train was running a bit late.copyright protection368PENANADoVU0DaQ87

Rainer looked down at the poster again. He wondered where it came from, and how it had ended up here. He crouched down, and picked it up.copyright protection368PENANAq7YMXVeB4p

He looked at his own face. A much younger face, but still his. He was smiling, his eyes as blue as the ocean and short, fair hair. So much had changed. So much would never be the same. copyright protection368PENANA5vKaR9Avda

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