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The Five Senses
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Challenger J.R. Marsden*
Challenger shnuffeluv
Challenger May
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The Five Senses
Submission Closed
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J.R. Marsden
No Plagiarism!5BLrlMHtGXasa7nLSTP4posted on PENANA

Can we perfectly envision what you write? Can we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell everything going on? Can we get so perfectly in-tune with your writing it's like we're in the world itself?104Please respect copyright.PENANAV4M1SKBLhM
copyright protection100PENANAYavgxX4Tm6

In this challenge, your goal is to write a short story of any length incorporating all five of the senses. The catch is that the story cannot use the names of the senses. You cannot put "I smelled/tasted/heard/etc.". You have to use descriptive detail to get across what the character is sensing. Below I have a small sampling: 104Please respect copyright.PENANAdOxiAa8kqQ
copyright protection100PENANAosH9T3VAwB

"The birdsong in the air wafted to her ears, and the cool breeze of the day brushed her skin. On the horizon, the sun set, a dark afternoon blue turning vibrant with oranges and yellows and pinks and reds, painting the sky like an aurora beheld in the North. Roses, some red and some white, dotted the beautiful plains and around her feet, and their enchanting scent was enough to send someone into the most pleasant dream, one where chocolate was on her tongue and laughter was in her eyes."copyright protection100PENANAxG4INstGlj

Rules104Please respect copyright.PENANAfr3FiwCaOI
copyright protection100PENANAKktgB1eFUB

-- Cannot use the words: taste, smell, touch, hear, see, or any past/future forms of those words. Synonyms are allowed104Please respect copyright.PENANAJKNvLFgmrx
copyright protection100PENANALi3trXwny3

-- Has to be a short story, meaning it has a beginning, middle, end. A plot. Any length accepted. copyright protection100PENANAY6K3OyvheR

-- You are allowed to use my example, but you must expand upon it and create it into an actual story.copyright protection100PENANAAZc4fN5tsZ

-- Keep it kid-friendly.copyright protection100PENANA4ei8HK5e7E

-- No poems allowed. 104Please respect copyright.PENANA8FmFXWQ5hh
copyright protection100PENANAi6K29yBFQQ

Judgingcopyright protection100PENANAxqPKv4xAy0

-- Creativitycopyright protection100PENANAADfSLXCRbK

-- Grammarcopyright protection100PENANAvuQfx0O8GE

-- Use of descriptive word. copyright protection100PENANAYe5OYASwar

Like count and comments will also be taken into consideration, so please, contribute by liking some of your favorite submissions!copyright protection100PENANAxK4MDQJgHV

Hope you enjoy! Unfortunately I will not be doing prizes for this contest as I'm far enough behind on my other ones, but know I appreciate all your writings and submissions. :)copyright protection100PENANA0dpRtXRh5y

Comments ( 2 )

shnuffeluv - Could the plot be as simple as two friends hanging out?
1 year agoreply

J.R. Marsden - Sure can. :)

1 year agoreply