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The Five Senses
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The Five Senses
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Issue #2
By May
Dec 16, 2015
1 Min Read
322 Words
No Plagiarism!Ufa3e2tas6hO7mXoq7JJposted on PENANA Sophia blinked, confused and disoriented. She surveyed her surroundings, finding that she was in a green garden, a garden that she had visited everyday ever since her childhood. There were roses at her feet, flaring up with different colors. There was a very familiar scent that made her chuckle. It sparked up some memories in her. 

Her playing with those very flowers, acting like a princess with a makeshift tiara; her mum giggling with her when they saw a small bunny pass by; she and sister jumping and running after each other playing hide and seek -- all those memories brought a smile to her face, but she had yet to find a reason as to why she was here, when the last thing she could remember was being in a family dinner.copyright protection122PENANAweoHmfKamZ

She walked slowly and steadily, trying not to disrupt the beauty below her feet. The small leaves of the beautiful plants tickled her flesh, making her giggle softly. Everything was so unreal and familiar, she couldn't help but smile. copyright protection122PENANAChfMluPPEh

Once she reached the edge of the garden she had grown to love in the past years, she reached into her pocket instinctively, and there it was, the little delight, Chocolate.copyright protection122PENANAVW62j3rJab

She peeled off the wrapper, and bit into the sweet delicacy. It sparked her tastebuds, and it couldn't be any sweeter. copyright protection122PENANAtHqSpM79Xt

She stopped eating for a moment, looking around her surroundings once more. copyright protection122PENANA9zLol6TaVy

" I missed you so much." She whispered, smiling softly. It was true, she hadn't been going to this garden for months now, and it was really nostalgic. copyright protection122PENANAsQuyTOClyN

And then everything went blank.copyright protection122PENANAw1vWUUJ13H

Sophia woke up to the family dinner, her face on the dining table, drool dripped from the corner of her mouth. She sat up, to see the giggling faces of her parents and older sister, blushing beet red.copyright protection122PENANAvcghBCnuNj

And she couldn't help but grin. was a dream after all?copyright protection122PENANA3fayO4mrpU

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Nor - Despite the clichéd ending, that was really good. Well done!
2 years agoreply