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    Well, I didn't see that coming -Me writing a story written by me
    Hey New follower! I'm Natalie *I wanted to make some things clear if you are planning on reading my stories.*??®©
    #1 I am a entrepreneur, I love to create anything that comes to mind. I do not like to sit still so if you notice something New haa that be it.

    #2 I am a perfectionist. I like to take my time on writing, I do not like to rush. So don't be expecting for something to come out within a week⏳.I do brainstorm but I am not writing 24/7. It takes sometime for inspiration to get to me:)?

    #3 Personally, if you ask for me to take a peek at your story. There's a fat chance I'll do that lol. But if you notice that I have not responded. That means I'm either resting, writing a book I have or haven't published yet, Or I just forgotten. Msg me in the next two days for a reminder.

    #4-Please Like, Comment, Subscriber to me and Share my stories with your friends and/or family. It'll really help me to grow on this site!

    #5 If you would like to follow me on any other sites. I am constant on insta. Username: believing_dreams_into_reality#BookwormStuff???
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Being of Light & Shadow

"How could you" She sobbed. I never felt such heat of her rage this much before. Her heart shattered in her eyes as it reshaped itself with hate and sorrow.

Everyone but me stood back, Heat raided off of her body in waves."Daiya.." I spoke softly and slowly approached her. She was just hurting and so was I. "Mom wanted to keep us safe". I gasped when I reached out to touch her and pulled back feeling the smallest of pain. I gazed at my fingers and saw my sensitive skin pink, was hardening by the heat. She burned me. She began to shake drowning in her grief. The heat increased growing hotter making me stumble back. "It should've been you!". She wailed out as she let loose of her power. We all flew back as it hit us hard  But her words hit me harder than the blast. Because it's true. I killed her. ••••••••

A young woman is arrested for the crime of practicing the arts of craft. The punishment for that crime is death. But like magic, not everything is as it seems because She is mysteriously broken out of prison. After that day, Adelind encounters a small group. A dark skin girl and her little sister share an ability to manipulate nature. A tall scrawny bibliolater with glasses. A fierce female combatant and Two blacksmiths. As well as encounters with warriors, mystical creatures and more but as they dig deeper, she grasps that some secrets were left to be forgotten or kept shut behind closed doors.

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