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Writer ~Venus~
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It isn’t uncommon for this particular demon to be summoned- from exhausting Halloween pranks to more legitimate (more exhausting) rituals in forests- but it has to admit, this is the first time its been called from it’s fiery realm into a tiny living room bathes in the dull orange-pink glow of old glass lamps and a multitude of wide eyed, creepy (and this is coming from a demon) antique porcelain dolls that could give Chucky a run for his money. Accompanying these oddities are tiny tea cup and saucer sets on top of frilly dollies, crocheted with the upmost care, and a cross-stitched, colorful “Home Sweet Home” banner hung across wood paneled walls.

This was definitely an error. A wrong number, per se. No witch it ever encountered lived in such a… dated home. And furthermore, no one had ever summoned it and… left, almost like a ding-dong-ditch. No, that never happened. Not if the person wanted to survive the encounter.

It heard shuffling in the other room; the kitchen, based off of the smell for bitter, cold coffee and soggy sponge cakes. As it starts to go round the corner to the sound, it feels something smooth under its clawed feet. Upon further inspection, it was a blanket made out of soft, black and white yarn, wound intricately, perfectly, into a circle. There was a splash of bright scarlet on the edge; the circle, the blood.. That would explain why it was here.

As the pieces snap together in the demon's head, the inhabitant of the home rounds the corner, holding a damp, eggshell white dishcloth to her hand and fumbling with beaded cat-eye glasses hanging by her neck by a red lanyard. Eventually she gives up with getting the glasses on with only one hand and looks up, stopping in her tracks.

Now, to be fair, the demon wouldn't normally question being face-to-face with a hunched old lady in an ankle length dress and a spidery shawl, but the woman's appearance, the warm aura she had, plus the scenery? This woman was definitely not a witch. Or maybe she was, but not a one that would summon a darkness demon. Almost to prove the demons point, the woman smiles, showing a toothless grin and saying the following:

“Todd! Oh, Todd dear, I didn't know you were visiting this year! You didn't call, or write- but i suppose your generation uses email these days.”
She laughed heartily, but it wasn't a mocking laugh like the demon was used to. It was kind, genuine, and.. Grandmotherly. She continued;

“Is it too much to ask you to ring the bell next time? You almost gave me a heart attack. And don't mind the blood here, one of the dolls fell off the shelf- my favorite one, no less- and cleanup didn't go quite as expected. But i remember you being into the bloodshed and “edgy” stuff, so i guess you don't mind”

It took the demon a moment to realize what was going on, but then it clicked. This woman was mistaking a twelve foot, humanoid demon for her edgy grandson.

“Oh, imagine if it scars! That would be kind of “badass”, as you teenagers say.”

She’s blind as a bat without her glasses, it would seem, because this demon is by no means human, although, as previously stated, it is humanoid. But it is also twelve feet tall and has pitch black skin.

“Would you be a dear and make some coffee? I'll be back in a jiffy.”

With that, she shuffled off in the opposite direction of the kitchen.

Yes, this was definitely a mistake. But the demon feels unexplainably drawn to this woman, so it does as she asks. It walks over to the kitchen, being careful to duck under the doorway so as not to hit its head. Upon reaching the machine, it gingerly takes the coffee pot between its claws, pours out the old coffee, fills it with water, and carefully pours it into the machine. Then it measures out the coffee grounds into the filter and turns the machine on. It's as the hot water is pouring through the filter that the woman returns, her index finger wrapped in a beige bandage.

“I can’t believe you're so tall, Todd! Last time I saw you you were up to my hip! I know your father and I had our disagreements.. I didn't think you were going to come this year, but I’m so happy you're here dear! Would you like some cake?”

Before the demon could decline she had already cut a generous slice and handed it to it on a plate.

“ṯ̶͂h̶̻̍á̴̘n̵̖͋k̸̥̍ ̷̈́ͅẏ̵͓ọ̶͑ǘ̵̞”

“Oh Todd, i can barely understand you! Your voice is so deep, just like your grandfathers..”

With that her eyes got a bit cloudy, but she quickly started smiling again

“Oh! I have a present for you, dear. It was going to be a birthday present, but you're here now, and i wasn't able to ship it in time. I’ll go get it.”

‘Todd’ watches her go around into the living room and takes a bite of cake. A few seconds later she comes back holding the blanket that the demon first found itself on top of.

“Here it is!” she exclaims as she walks around it and drapes the blanket around its shoulders like a shawl. “Happy birthday, dear”

The demon wasn't used to this. Back where he was from, your parents would whack you with some fire to show affection. He didn't know where or who the real Todd was, but he did know that Todd needs to find a new grandmother, because the demon claimed this one.

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes


Ariana Vivoni - So cute!  They would make one hell of a grandma/grand-demon duo. 
4 weeks agoreply

~Venus~ - ooh, maybe i should make a different seiries where they fight the creatures of hell?

ideas, ideas,..
3 weeks agoreply

Ariana Vivoni - @~Venus~, That would be awesome! 
3 weeks agoreply

~Venus~ - @Ariana Vivoni maybe we should do a collab??
3 weeks agoreply

Ariana Vivoni - @~Venus~, We could...but I have never done a collab. So I would need some guidance. And just be warned, I could be a bit slow with the writing, I have a full-time job and little time writing in the evening. But all in all - yea, a collab sounds nice :)!
3 weeks agoreply

~Venus~ - @Ariana Vivoni, dude. we totally should, and my schedule isnt really set, so i can be flexible!! dm me and we can talk more!!!
3 weeks agoreply

hanshy - I'm usually not a big fan of demon stories but I found this one quite interesting and quirky! I mean, a demon that finds a nice old lady grandmother and claims her as his own. How different?! I kind of love it if I'm being honest. I would like to see part two. Also, you think you could check out my story? Give me some honest feedback? 
1 month agoreply

~Venus~ - tysm for the feedback!! im working on a part two right now, actually! and yes, ill check out your story for sure!
1 month agoreply

hanshy - @~Venus~, Great! I bookmarked your story so I'll be waiting for that part two! ❤😊
1 month agoreply

~Venus~ - @hanshy, a few more chapters will be updated today!!
1 month agoreply