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    Greetings! my fellow peeps. I'm just a person who loves too... -Watch and draw anime(mainly romance anime)?? -Read Fiction books -Favorite color is Teal -mainly antisocial(will talk sometimes) -Fav subject is creative writing (even though it's not really a subject) -I'll mainly write when I'm in the mood or when I feel like it -like to wear mix match socks -LOVE WEARING TIGHTS(they're just so comfy ??) -Living the single life "Living life my way"-Jazmine
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Holding Back


I sat there in my bed as I kept strolling through Netflix to find something to watch. I pull my Winnie the pooh comforter over my body as I try to get comfortable. I looked at my phone for the third time to see if Layla would text back. Today was the last day of school. Well Until next year, and I'll be in 11th grade. I told my mom I didn't want to go to school today. Even though Layla was going to be there I just wasn't in the mood. I texted her earlier letting her know I wouldn't be coming. She texted me back with a crying emoji but I think she'll get over it.

Me and her are supposed to be going shopping after school let's out early. I have been through enough shit in my life from dad dying and being bullied at school. My dad died when I was only six. He loved me and my mother very much and would never forget to give me good night kisses. But all that came to an end when he was coming home from work and crashed into another car. The next few days were hard for us, that's when mom started drinking to cope with her loss over dad. I would come home and find beer bottles all over the place. As the years went by she started to go to therapy. Ever since then she began to adjust to life as if dad wasn't there. I try to lay some of the hard work off of mom because she's busy doing other stuff like working at the hospital late at night. I finally found something to watch. I clicked on my favorite anime show Fairytale.

 . I started to drift off to sleep until I heard my mom call my name ."Lacey!", She yelled my name from downstairs. I hate when she does this it drives me crazy. 

I walked down the stairs to find a sweet and satisfying aroma in the air. "Yeah, mom," I ask her following the scent into the kitchen. "Honey it's time to eat," she said while putting some lasagna on my plate. While grabbing my pate from the counter I turn round to find my big brother sitting at the kitchen table reading some papers. He's older than me by 2 years. People would say my brother looks more like my grandmother but I wouldn't find that surprising. "Hey sis, can you tell me what you think of this?" he said to me handing me the documents. "I thought you said you were going to hang with Spencer and the guys today?". I asked him. "Yeah, my grades aren't looking too well," he says while scratching his head. He knows he can be a dummy sometimes I thought to myself. I quickly hand him the papers back. "Sorry, no can do me and Layla are going shopping for the beach," I say to him while sitting down at the table. 

"Not to be even meaner this time, but what teacher is this time?" I pursed my lips at him. "That's not for you to know," he says walking away looking mad., "I looked at the time  "shit!" I say to myself stuffing food in food in my mouth. "Watch your mouth young Lady," my mom says scolding me. "Sorry, mommy!" I say while rushing out the kitchen. "make sure to pick up your phone if I call" she said cleaning up the kitchen. "Ok," I say heading towards my room. The only thing I had on was a sweatshirt and some athletic shorts that are all black with the white stripes on the side. I definitely couldn't leave this on especially after laying around the house all day. I rushed back upstairs to my room.

I run into the bathroom grabbing a washcloth and towel. I jumped into the shower. It didn't take me but 5 minutes to wash up. I scramble around in my closet to find the perfect outfit. "This is the one I say to myself" while holding it up to my chest. It had a black crop top with ripped blue jeans. While rushing I hurriedly cover my self in my favorite lotion sweet peaches. I slipped on my ripped blue jeans showing off my curves. I pull the crop top over my head exposing just a little stomach. Grabbing the brush I  yanked my curly brown hair with all my might putting it up in a tight ponytail. 

I grab my checkered vans from up under and put them on. Lastly, I walked out grabbing my purse and phone off my nightstand. After making it downstairs I hear a honking noise outside. Which only means Layla is getting impatient. "Bye mom" I yelled while walking out the door. "Be careful and no drinking" she said yelling from the kitchen. "Yes mam," I said closing the door on my way out.

I run to the red Corolla Toyota. I opened the side door to find Layla checking her makeup in the mirror. "Did I ever mention to you that she's a hell of rich and pretty at that? two packages in one. Her blonde hair went perfectly went with her hazel eyes. She had on a red fashion nova minny dress that went off the shoulders with white af1's. "Hey, babe she said giving me tight hug. She looked at me closely, "Is that what you're wearing to the party she said eyeing me. "Wait no one said nothing about a party," I said looking at her confused. "I mean yeah I did say that, but come on Lace you need some excitement in your life than just studying all day!" she said with big puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but no drinking I said pointing my finger at her. "Ok, Mom," she said. "Oh before we leave we need to add some makeup to that outfit of yours," she said while getting her eye palette out. "But I don't want to," I say pouting. "Too late sweetheart," she says already applying some light foundation to my face. After 2-3 minutes she was done. I looked into the mirror to see what she had done. "Whoa!", I say looking astonished. I looked like a whole different person. This was my first time putting on makeup. Thanks, I say to her while still staring in the mirror. You know anything for my girl she said pulling off.

Meet The Cast!

Devenity Perkins as Lacey 


Dove Cameron as Layla


Liam Hemsworth as Asher 


Zac Efron as Jacob


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