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Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender (Discontinued)
Writer KatVsAnime
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Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender (Discontinued)
Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender (Discontinued)

As a bender Adena was rare. Not only that but her elements are rare. No one except the avatar has had more than one element.  Now that the recent avatar has died Adena's potential to become the avatar has emerged, making her ability for the earth, wind, water, & lightning elements to make way. 

Challenged with the task of having to find earth, wind, water, & lightning masters to teach her the elements, Adena and her friends Demetria and Raidyn must find masters to teach them the elements before a rogue fire bender kills all the other bender masters. 

Who will win the chase ?

Total Reading Time: 22 minutes


TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown - Why is there no water? xD
2 years agoreply

once upon a star - *grins* ^^
2 years agoreply

KatVsAnime - Good point I changed the storyline a bit while I was writing the next few chapters before posting them and I forgot to change the description!!! 
Thanks for the reminder! XD
Kat .)_.)
2 years agoreply

SkyGuy_SoFly - Is this a fan fiction?
2 years agoreply

KatVsAnime - In a way yes.... I kinda intended for it to be i didn't see a fanfic option for a genre
2 years agoreply

SkyGuy_SoFly - @Kaitlyn Lowe, Oh there is
2 years agoreply

KatVsAnime - @SkyGuy_SoFly, i know I literally just looked and saw it. It was midnight when I posted this so I was half asleep didn't see it. thanks for the reminder
2 years agoreply

SkyGuy_SoFly - @Kaitlyn Lowe, Haha. No prob. It was just a little confusing at first. 
2 years agoreply

Sarah Chen - This story sounds really interesting! 
2 years agoreply

KatVsAnime - Thanks!!!
2 years agoreply