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Online Game
Among Us: Mission Polus
Writer EridanusStar
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Among Us: Mission Polus

Among Us: Mission Polus


     A brand new team of astronauts launches into space. Their mission: Begin a colony on the planet Polus for the space exploration company MIRA. Only, the trip becomes much darker than the crew had anticipated. The crew must discover who the imposter is before it’s to late.

     This story is based off the video game Among Us. I have yet to see any stories on it, which is surprising. I hope people like story this half as much as the game.

     Huge shout out in advance to my squad for helping me out with this!

     So without further ado, here is Among Us: Mission Polus 

     Please Enjoy!

     DISCLAIMER: Majority of these characters do not belong to me, and I in no way take credit for their creation and backstories. Portions of this will be written by them, so not all of this will be my work. This story is based off a video game, and the locations and tasks within this story do not belong to me. I in no way take credit or ownership of them. 

Total Reading Time: 14 minutes


Alicia Romero - Cause never played among us before so I am new to all the among us thing so what is you're guys name because mine is Alicia
5 months ago
EridanusStar - Among Us is a space murder mystery game that’s become super popular. There are three maps, and a loby. The crewmates have a list of tasks they can complete, and if everyone completes their tasks the crewmayes win. The imposter’s job is to kill everyone. When a body is found it’s reported then the crew talks and vites on who they think the killer is. The person with the most votes is ejected. You don’t have to play the game to understand the story, but it does give you a bit of explination to the plot
5 months ago
Alicia Romero - It like an among us story 
5 months ago
Read my books - yo! This is an awesome story! I would love to help with it, i am pretty good at making characters! If you choose, you could respond to this comment if i could help with this.
5 months ago
EridanusStar - I really appriciate the offer. I’m not in need if another character at the moment, but I honestly will likely need one. I’m working on assighning jobs to all of my friend’s characters at the moment, and if there are some that aren’t filled, (There probobly will be) I’ll let you know. Again, I really appriciate this. 
5 months ago
EridanusStar - Hey, I made a contest yesterday because I need more characters. Read it over and join if you’d like!
3 months ago