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    Hello readers! I am your average otaku, who has moved to Wattpad to try my hands in the light novel industry(I cannot draw, so no luck in manga >< ) in the future. Presently, I am an engineering student who only studies, watches anime and writes LN whole day(lol). Well, that aside, the novels I write follow the traditional Japanese light novel style, BUT WITH NON-CLICHED IDEAS, though genres might be repetitive. I would like you all able readers, all across the globe, to read my works, enjoy them, talk about them, and teach me how can i improve myself! By the way, I am thinking about translating my novels to Japanese if they are good!
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Tale of the Antonym of Friendship

"The tale of darkness, but also, of the brightness that lies beyond,

The tale of misjudgments, but also of amendments,

The tale of cruelty, but also of revolution,

The tale of eternal sufferings, but also of assurance,

The tale of derangement, but also of modification,

The tale of destruction, but also of construction,

The tale of eternal deterioration, but also of never ending improvement,

The tale of random decisions, but also of directed hardwork,

The tale of hierarchy, but also of true equality,

Welcome, to this tale of humanity's relationships,

Welcome, to the grand tale, of THE ANTONYM OF FRIENDSHIP."

-Shiroyama Seniichi, The AoF storyteller