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    I'm coming here from wattpad! Completely new to the site and I plan to upload my stories from over there, to here if it all goes well. I just write for fun, so don't expect much heheh... This is going to be my new primary site for writing I'm so excited!
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Where Legends Lie

After a long journey, we'd finally made it. The emerald glow was visible as soon as the ancient door had opened. We look at each other, shocked, confused, in awe. We all knew where we were headed, but we didn't know we'd make it here. 

Slowly we enter the legendary chamber, and a deep voice shakes me to the core ...

"After all these years... I finally get to meet you, my son."

The friends that I've met along the way all focus their attention on me, but I remain silent, staring at what I'd come so far to find.

"Before I grant your wish... tell me... how did you get here, and how did you find me?"

With no hesitation-- I decide to tell him everything.

From the very beginning.

Hello, coming here from wattpad! This story is fine on its own but it's also linked another story of mine- within the same universe that is. I'll be sure to publish that one too! This is just for fun, but I've put lots of work into it so I hope you enjoy! 

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