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    Joshua Adam Stevens
    Joshua Adam Stevens
    Love writing, reading, and music. All the stuff I write is with the intention to be adapted to manga or anime. Far stretch but that's what I'm about. Each story can be read like a novel but I also create audio episodes consisting of the narration music and sound effects that I post on youtube with links in the first issues of every story. I put all my work rated R because I'm not sure anymore how much language, violence, or sexual conduct can be shown in work under the rating of R. I'm sure not everything I write is really R but it's whatever. I'm also a believer of you show me yours I'll show you mine if your looking for review, suggestions, or just someone to read your work. I look forward to reading any work you want me to read. Just drop in my inbox if you have any questions or want to show me something.
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Sensei Might Be An Assassin

Becoming demoted to field operative and living life as a high school teacher wasn't what Matteo had in mind when he broke code and saved a comrade instead of finishing his mission. When not running missions, Matteo's greatest concern is keeping his secret from his students to keep them out of danger.