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    Ady Chris
    Ady Chris
    She reads, she writes, she read some more! Adeline Chris is a student, a writer, and will always drink tea over coffee. Her best friend is her pet fish, he's a great writing companion and an even better listener. She figured the best way to deal with the voices in her head was to share their stories, and that's exactly what she's doing!
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Head of the Supernatural Investigative Division, Samson Gale has better things to do with his time than babysit police detectives on a Mundane case. But when this seemingly magicless murder turns out to be more than it appears, it's up to him and his team to find the serial killer and put a stop to the deaths. If he happens to get to spend more time with his newly discovered soulmate while on the job? Well, that’s a bonus he won't pass up.

Aaliyah Sera is always happy to help the police out from time to time if it means flying under the supernatural radar, and earning some much-needed cash while she's at it. However, she quickly discovers that no matter how used to the supernatural she is, nothing could have prepared her for Sampson Gale.

Together, Sampson and Aaliyah, set out into the dangerous and wonderful world of the supernatural as they work to find the killer. But a murder investigation is no easy place to start a relationship. As the stakes get higher, and tensions rise, will the pressure pull them apart? Or will adversity bring them together as they work to stop the mysterious, mystical murderer.