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Betsu no Sekai ni Mezameru

If you were given another chance to spend time with your dead family, would you take it? Would you be interested in living a lie, knowing that reality isn’t that kind? Are you like me also dreaming that reincarnation is real, that life would start all over again?

5 years since the outbreak of the deadly Chivu virus, only 2 people left who had the symptoms of the mysterious infectious disease. Fukuda Surrivan Akira, A 24-years-old NEET otaku had just received a text message regarding Fukuda Akihito's condition, his father. With the sudden message, he felt indifferent towards the death of his last living relative, he was tired, since the last 5 years of the pandemic, every member in his family died. With the feeling of boredom due to his inability to sleep he opened the T.V., "July 18, 2025, the last person who had symptoms in regards to Chivu had already been cured! IT'S OVER!" With bitterness in regards to the news, he turned the T.V. off and went to bed, several hours later he had fallen asleep. The moment he woke up, he was already in a world full of magic and mystery. With the name Surrivan Akira Pridesworth, Sura for short, he began to question reality itself. Born to a new world, Sura saw this chance to live life with his family, loving it like his old ones, but Reality isn’t too kind…

Inspired by the works of Rifujin na Magonote's "Mushoku Tensei" and Chugong's "Only I Level Up"

Authors: Mottotte Shinji & MalamignaTubigBook Cover Illustrator: Andreas RochaIf any of you enjoyed reading please support me by subscribing to my Tapas account: https://tapas.io/series/Betsukairu/info THANK YOU!