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    Hello! Im Hocus Henry but I logged onto here using my old username as KamenRiderW! You can refer to me either way! Im from a small town in Iowa and I have 11 horses I call my kids. I love taking on different genres of writing but my favorite genres to write and read are action and adventure or apocalyptic. I hope you enjoy my stories! Follow me on instagram as @hocus_henry for regular updates on other works!
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Beneath Us!

Formerly known as They're Underneath Us! 

Tian's whole life has been dictated by one single thought. 'Stay Alive'. From his mother, who he left behind beneath the mountains to the day the Warriors came for him, he's done nothing but survive. In the outlying villages, it's easier to blend in. But in the Capital, Tian only faces persecution because of the marks on his skin and the color he bleeds. The survival game has finally raised its stakes and he must find allies in places he's never looked. 

Can he find an ally in RT? The mysterious man who took him from his homeland, only to shield him with his own back? The same man who believes in a destiny that requires shoes two sizes too big for Tian to fill? Or will personal feelings hinder them and lead them to their own destruction? 

Tian doesn't just face the persecution between the races. He must free himself, and his people while battling his growing attraction for the massive mountain of a man they call RT. Meanwhile, beneath their feet the ground trembles. The mountains move. Something is awakening beneath their own feet.