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Cinderella Story


Cinderella or Cinds to her male best friend Cody (they are not lovers, just a male-female friendship) is not too poor nor too rich in their hometown. She is not the too kind type of girl and she likes to be alone most of the time but she hangs out with Cody since they are childhood friends and neighbors as well. They both went to college but she dropped her Culinary course because she felt bored or she needs something that'll give her another feeling (which she's still figuring out) Cody finished his Culinary and works at the city and finds time to meet Cindy every other week because he's worried about her. He is aware that his best friend can live alone and protect herself different from the Cinderella they've been watched when they were kids although he knows that she also needs a company, not a Prince Charming or some @$$hole that'll make her feel useless or stupid. He learned from his younger sister that Cinds entered a vocational course near their hometown and currently teaching kids from a primary school three blocks away from their home which he thinks is cool and fun. Cody decided to visit his best friend and pedaled his bike to her apartment where she lives while teaching. He went to a convenience store before he went to her apartment and bought some snacks and drinks.

While choosing which snack he wants to buy, he saw Cinds in the counter. He did not waste time to think of anything and went to her asked her how was she while he's in the city. She affirmed all of them were true and she's a part-time worker in the store on weekends and teaching three days a week. He can see and feel that while hearing her stories she's literally having fun on her present life, living her life and found herself while he's also living his dream as well. She's too overwhelmed on telling stories on her daily life and he can't find an opportunity to tell her that he found his girlfriend who is a regular on the restaurant he is working. 

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