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    Arianna Courson
    Arianna Courson
    (First of all, please don't message me for promotion and other marketing stuff. I will not respond.)
    Hello! My name is Arianna, I am a professional writer/author (defiantly not famous yet :,) )who enjoys writing romances and love stories. (I write erotic romances and romances for teens!) I also love my dog, Bella and have an irrational fear of wasps (-w-)b

    I've self-published about six books (not counting the ones I took off Amazon because they suck), and have a single novel that is currently with a professional publisher! Feel free to check them out!

    Silence Me (Young Adult Paranormal Romance with fallen angels)

    Quiet, now (YA Paranormal romance between vampire/werewolf and snow angel)

    Corrupted (YA paranormal romance between shadow fairy and mutated angel)

    The Silent Kiss (YA paranormal fantasy romance between a witch and a fallen angel, and a twist off Cinderella)

    Lullaby (still preorder)

    Obsession (Erotic romance between a twenty year old mafia leader and a nineteen year old girl)

    With Publishing:
    Wild Fire (YA paranormal romance between a fallen angel and a phoenix)

    Book three "The Dark Fated Ones" coming soon
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Black Magic

My life is fading before my eyes. I am sick, but no spell I cast will cure me. Who gave me this curse? Why would they make me feel like I’m dying every second of every day? 

Well... I’m supposed to be dying... but I can never leave this horrid world... 

I’m just so tired... The pain is unbearable... The aching, burning, and everlasting hunger...  

That’s when I saw him... walking down the street... and he saw me... His eyes glistened with something I couldn’t name... and all the sudden... I felt so vulnerable... Like I was opening my chest and exposing my heart to him the very first day we met. 

And that’s when the pain consumed me, and I fell over... Only to wake in his household, his embrace, and he cured me... He knew what was going on like he could read me... Everything I went through. Everything that I felt. It was as if he could feel the same... And... he wanted to... 

I will never understand this world... Because no one ever loved me before... Not even my mother... 

Cover art by Kharchenko_irina7

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