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    J.P. Silver-Bow
    J.P. Silver-Bow
    Just a regular author trying to add some fantasy to my reality.
    I don't respond to messages but any questions will be answered in a book update or a post ☺
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*Latest update was Dec 19th 2021*

"You're their King now, human or not. Show them how a King handles treason."

Long ago our dimension belonged to elves. The elves in that time, apart from four heroes in their own right, lost their connection with nature. They did this by polluting the earth and denying their spirituality. Punishment for doing so was loss of natures gifts. Magic abilities, animal like ears for better hearing, a tail for balance in many ways. Balance physically and spiritually. Sharp k-nines for defense. The ability to see in the dark, and beauty. They slowly became human. Some humans still have traces of magic abilities, they are called witches. But as time passed witches became rarer and rarer. Only humans with pure hearts were gifted magic abilities.

The four heros who never gave up on nature, sacrificed all their magic abilities. Their magic was put into one stone and it was used to create a new dimension. When the heroes did this, little did they know their decents would be affected. Now, after the elves have repopulated, very few are gifted magic abilities.

Our story begins with a decendant of the infamous Salem witches. His name is Randy Jacobs. Randy is a mildly autistic boy, and because he is neurodivergent he is even more susceptible to magic. He inherited two magic ablilites from his mother's side of the family. The ability to see the future by will, and the ability to teleport. Even through dimensions. Will these magic abilities destroy everything he loves? Or will he learn to harness them? What is he to do when he finds himself in a new dimension full of elves? How will he survive when he is seen as pollution to their world?

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