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    Poppy Fantum
    Poppy Fantum
    Hi there! I prefer to go by the nickname Poppy, after a red flower that I really like, though if you're wondering, no, Poppy Fantum isn't my real name, just something I like being called. I qualify as a weeb and a random weirdo, so if the things I post seem abnormal or scary, don't be surprised. I'm also completely obsessed with anime and I call myself an animatic (anime fanatic). If I had to pick one character to describe who I have the most things in common with, I'd say Himiko Toga, and if you know who she is, you know I'm a very crazy person. Aaaaanywho, hope I'm not too disturbing to you guys! XD
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De la Garcia (Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader)

Penita Sanchez has always lived in Encanto all her life. So why is it that she and Camilo Madrigal don't recognize each other?

Your name is Penita Sanchez (more on that later in the story!). You're part of the huge Sanchez family that's far bigger than the Madrigals'. You think thirteen is bad? Try forty-seven! You and your best friend Paloma Garcia hang around the trading posts all the time where people exchange things that they need. That is, until you realize that while you're close to the Madrigal family, there's one you haven't actually met: Camilo. With Mirabel's help, however, you might grow closer to him than you thought possible, and uncover secrets about yourself that you never even knew existed. . .

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