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    Cheers readers & writers near and far! I wish you all the best of luck in your stories and to be content with your work and life. I am a leisure writer who thirsts for knowledge and the truth in life, including art, music, culture, history and a large dollop of humour. Besides writing and slipping into a character's shoes, dancing and singing are my passions in life. I started to write in 2009 short notes during school and now, after those years, collecting more courage, experience and colourful ideas. I still need improvement as a writer, so don't hesitate to point out any mistakes. ;-) "Logic can bring you from A to B. Fantasy can bring you everywhere." - A. Einstein.
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Crazy slice of Life or Not?

This blog will provide some different perspectives of things that I found myself from past, present and future...

I have a creative mind with a tendency to overthink things and question many things that people take for granted. Would like to share my knowledge and give advice to those that need it, knowing life and the world aren't easy, but there are moments one may give a sigh of relief and be content before further challenges and hardships come...

Please note that everything I write is based on what I see and understand and mean no disrespect or offence to those it may concern. If there is an error, please let me know. I'm open-minded and willing to learn.