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Murdur: The Official App

There's a new number one app in every major app store.

The name; 'Murdur'. The description: 'Interactive pest control'. Once inside the app, you can suggest ways to murder someone. Multiple times a day, the app's creator promises to choose one murder method as suggested by a submission through the app, and commit a murder exactly as the method said. You have up to fifty words to describe the method. If your's is chosen, the murder method (again, EXACTLY as your instructions say) is carried out, and broadcasted live through the app.

Oh, and one more thing; although completely optional, you can choose whoyou murder.

Other than the group who developed the app, of course, anyone is fair game. The video will be followed by a cryptic messege that no one understands.

The world goes crazy. It becomes the number one app in every appstore that ever existed. Conspiracies fill the internet. Blogs are made just to review each murder and give it a 1-10 rating. The world is devided among those who believe it is real, and how believes it is only Hollywood smoke an mirrors. Hundreds of people 'turn themselves in' to the police, claiming to be the creator of the app, only to find out they have nothing to do with the development of the app.

The story will be told through the eyes of two; the eyes of the young poet who is trying to stop it, and the inventor of the app itself.

Copyright Stormie Dawn Russell, 2016.