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Days In Life

Soil is our heart

Wind is our mind

We are pure like water

Sometimes things can get be unclean

Don’t be displeased

You know what’s right, My friend.

Like a river, we spent our days in life

I see the morning of life and the night

Frozen heart told me many things

Deep ocean of my mind

Teach me how to live with the sharks

At the night it’s lonely

Don’t remind me anything at night

I’ll be born again in thoughts

I see the light far from home

That’s the life


Tiring mind

Tiring life

Will lead you to the basement

Don’t be let down yourself

Keep going where you want to be

Otherwise, you will end up in the sadness

Willingness and courage is the key

By innovative, you will see what you can be/do

From there you will come

Will rise like the sunshine

Thickness about your knowledge

Show you the world to you

The world will know about you

Don’t be stuck.

G Completed
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Infrared

|8X FEATURED|  AI Sada vows to be the mom Arven never had, but when the heinous Mastermind of Deception rises from the future, the young android must do everything she can to stop them from taking her humanity.


It has been a month since the events in the Great Crater of Paldea, and Arven is still struggling to accept what AI Sada told him and his friends. A chance encounter with the Legendary Pokémon Miraidon encourages him to use its powers to re-open the time machine and send them back to the time of Paradox Pokémon, where they find the young but mysterious android.

All Sada wants is for Arven to have a mother's love. After a trip through time to the future, she is given the gift to bring her son to her; only this gift proves to be nothing more than something that wants to steal her humanity.

At the end of the day, Sada's fate does not rest with the human emotions but with Arven's struggle against his infrared. Will he accept Professor Sada's fate, or will the Mastermind of Deception pull him and AI Sada apart before they can call themselves mother and son?


DISCLAIMER:This story is not Mature at all, but it is about how the death of a parent can affect a child, which may be a bit alarming, but it makes for a powerful plot in storytelling. I just wanted to warn you guys ahead of time.

PG Completed