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Young Adult

(A continued story from a novel I created called Edward. I will post that story as well, right after I finish posting the Zachary Novel.) It all started with a baby named Zachary, who was bound to die in a harsh winter cold, where he thought no one would be willing to love and take care of him. He then opened his eyes because he felt a wave of warmth that melted the ice and snow off his fur. Instead of crying, the baby laughed with joy, knowing he was safe from the never-ending harsh blizzard that would’ve killed him if he stayed outside for just a few more seconds. The kind soul who took in this lost and cold infant was an old lady named Susan. She lost her own children from miscarriages and wars. Eventually, this poor old lady lost her husband in a much greater war that was worse than the last. She was alone and cold just like this poor baby, but now she was blessed with children, whom she willingly adopted. They too were lost in the cold blizzard after escaping a wicked family who never loved them; a brother and sister, one with the heart of ice and the other, the heart of fire.

Their names were Edward and Scarlet, and once they met their new little brother, all they wanted to do was protect him with all their soul and heart, and help raise him to become a great man, and indeed he was a great man, much greater than they could’ve imagined. No one knew Zachary’s original family, but that didn’t matter, because they knew he is in need of a new beginning, where little did they know, that he’ll soon help change the world to become a better place with his love and kindness. But he isn’t the only one, along the way through his life; he made friends as his family grew bigger and stronger. He had more brothers and sisters, cousins, and even aunts and uncles. Eventually, he meets someone later in life who was more than a friend, but that’s a story that may or may not be told in this book.

For now, we must watch over Zachary… and make sure he survives.

Aphelia Bestiary Guide - Take 2

Wasn't happy with how the 1st go was looking so here's another go at it to try and sort it out while placing things in order based on what type of beast they are.

There are the following:

> Celestial: These creatures are very holy and often have a pull to destroy creatures that are unholy/impure based on their soul. Most common type of these are Angels and Spirits, as well as some Guardians which could also be spiritual or physical.

> Demon: These creatures are not holy and are injured by holy things, or commonly are. They were made by a being called The Shadowed One. Often they follow closely to The Shadowed One's orders and control, like killing humans and placing fear in other races, but some have broken their will free of The Shadowed One. Yes they are still demons but their minds are their own and are clear. They still feel the urges to kill innocent beings but do not act on them. They can fall and do this from a state called Bloodlust. Some races are more easy to fall to Bloodlust than others.

> Normal: Aphelia has normal animals you'd find in our world but they also have creatures that are normal for them that are not Celestial or Demon.

> Mythical: These creatures are those found in our own mythology. One example would be a hydra or a manticore. Vampires would be another as would werewolves.

The types above are what they are. Their names are their technical names and nicknames are the alternate name they are known by, if any. What is listed is the general commonly known information about each creature. Each individual creature may vary depending on independent factors, such as where they were raised, how they were raised, how strong their will is to resist the urges of causing chaos/violence from The Shadowed One, and so forth. Appearance may also vary depending on their strength as some are able to hide among humans by disguising themselves to appear as perfectly human.

Now, let us begin.