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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Infrared


When Arven encounters the Legendary Pokémon Miraidon on Poco Path, he uses its powers to return to Area Zero and re-open the time machine. With his friends by his side, Arven travels to the time of Paradox Pokémon, where he must accept the truth behind AI Sada before it's too late.


It has been a month since the events in the Great Crater of Paldea, and Arven is still struggling to accept what AI Sada told him and his friends, leaving him to skip school and continue investigating the Titans' dens and studying the Scarlet Book. If he could heal Mabosstiff with it, then there's no way he can't bring back his mom, right?

A chance encounter with the Legendary Pokémon Miraidon, after Arven finds the Violet Book deep in the lab on Poco Path, encourages him to use its powers to re-open the time machine and send him to the past to find his mother. With that in mind, Arven returns to Area Zero, even though his friends tell him not to, and travels to the time of Paradox Pokémon and extreme danger, where he finds the mysterious AI Sada. Will his friends and Miraidon help him accept his mother's fate, or will Arven lose himself to his infrared?



This story is not Mature at all, but it is about how the death of a parent can affect a child, which may be a bit alarming, but it makes for a very powerful plot in storytelling. The death happens in Chapter 1, but it's off-screen and is not graphic. I just wanted to warn you guys ahead of time.

Genre (s): Fanfiction/Science Fiction, with sub-genres in Fantasy, Drama, and Anime.

⭐ Featured on @newlywrittenbooks | Your Biggest Fan Reading List (December 29th 2022).

⭐ Featured on @WattpadTimeTravel | Memory is the Diary We All Carry With Us Reading List (January 21st, 2023)

Wait! I Wrote That? (A Collection of Old, Horrific Stories)


Saddened by her lonely life, a little girl named Victoria Christie uses her inventive imagination to write stories. Now that she's an older individual, she must find a way to share her tale with the world.


Victoria Christie never expected to be a writer, but everything changed in 4th grade when she annoyed her mother at a barber shop. She told Victoria to write in her school notebook, which sparked her daughter's life-long passion for writing.

Now, many years later, Victoria is eager to share her story-through an interactive novel that showcases how her writing has changed overtime and what hardships she faced in order to keep her island of personality-especially after her brother's unfortunate death in 2021.

With the power of writing and her brother's legacy about her becoming a successful author, will Victoria's old stories spark the interest of an audience? Will they interact with her and tell her how her incomplete pieces should end, or will Victoria forever remain an undiscovered author?

This is an anthology of my old stories. Most are incomplete, so it's up to my audience to decide how they should end. This is the story of how I became Viktoria Fyodorova.

Let the cringe begin!


What You'll Find in This Book:

1.) 35 fun-filled chapters of my oldest stories.

2.) 11 short memoir stories--no more than 1,000 words each--that share the most important times of my writing career.

3.) A whole overview of my history as a writer!

4.) There's also a bonus chapter about how this memoir came to be!

2nd Draft

Genre (s): Creative Nonfiction/Coming-of-Age, with a touch of Magical Realism. Word Count: 200,000-250,000