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Wait For Me

Governmental corruption.The year is 3035, and what was once the United States of America is now a hellish whirlpool of death. Three great lands are forcing their armies into a war, trying to claim the land. And everything left that is owned by the American government is a war in itself.

For two year, children had been called away from their homes in order to be saved from the new "disease" - where they are given a vaccine which genetically modifies them, turning these children into brilliant strategists that are physically and mentally enhanced, as well as being able to telepathically communicate. But the so-called 'vaccine' does not always work, making some subjects tooenhanced, too dangerous. The regular children are kept, being made into the masterminds of the war, but the others, the Outcastsare left to die, but the Government shows them mercy for no apparent reason, and only throws them out of the Capitol.

Leslie Tenhe was fifteen years old when her parents left and she got into an accident with her older half-sister, Emilia. Orphaned, and now officially property of the Government, she was taken to the Capitolto get the injection and either become an agent or an outcast. Hoping for the best, she stepped into the large conference room, surrounded by strangers.

But that was all in the past.The year is now 3037, and seventeen year old Leslie is imprisoned in the Capitol, her memory wiped from her. Her captors vigorously try to rip her memories from her head, but each time, they come out empty-handed. But as she finally begins to remember the accounts of the past two years, she uncovers holes in her story - holes that she can now fill in.