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The Blake Johnson Files Part One: Hope

"Five and a half years ago... that's when I started to fear what love could do to me." - Blake Johnson

This branch of the InfinityVerse came to me, like all the rest, in a dream. However this particular tale started in a dream caused by my Uncle David and I discussing government entities, and the liberties their agents could go to in order to enact justice. I.E. Whose better? The FBI of CIA? Answer?


Who are they? Guess you'll just have to read and find out!

It's been over half a decade since the death of Serenity, Blake's fiancee, and Katrina, their unborn daughter, sparked his sudden retirement from a mysterious government agency, and his disappearance from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Metropolitan area. In those five years, the mysterious cowboy Casanova has settled down for a new life in a town known as Hope. However, just when his Play Boy ways start to stabilize into a real life with the Sheriff of Hope, Veronica Anderson, a threat from his past resurfaces to disrupt the new life he has built. Blake must face his past, and decide whether or not to pick back up the badge as he faces what may be the most dangerous threat he's ever been up against.

Book one of The Blake Johnson Files Trilogy, a branch of The InfinityVerse of novels.

For more, follow @justynhogan on Facebook and Instagram, or the Page @HoganBooks of facebook and the page @hogans.books on Instagram. Or on Twitter @HoganBooks

The Blake Johnson Files Part One: Hope is Available on Amazon in it's completed form.

Colourland Series 2: King Bobby's Justice

King Bobby has demanded justice after Crayon and his friends have refused to go to war.

This is the King Bobby's Justice section.

Chapter 7

King Bobby's Justice

King Bobby was talking with the other remaining advisors again.

" Now as you may know, Colour King was the previous leader of Colourland " said King Bobby.

" I do remember him " said Lord Grackle.

" He was a powerful leader " said Queen Starling.

" We have sent people to Colourland to search for him there " said King Bobby.

" We need to know the condition that he is in because we need him alive " said Curtis.

" We also have warriors at Grackle's place " said Blackburnian. " We will conduct searches through their place for anything that could have made them not want to fight "

" If there is anyone who opposes Crayon fighting, they must be arrested " said Curtis.

" Our warriors are ready for anyone, if they do not come willingly " said Diana.

" They are great, I am always proud of them " said King Bobby.

Blackburnian and several warriors went to Grackle and Dove's place.

" Seems pretty normal to me but we cannot be so sure " said Blackburnian.

The warriors were able to knock down an opening and one of them let the others in.

" So what do we have here " said a warrior.

" We appear to see a pretty normal house " said Blackburnian. " Should we contact Challenger "

" King Bobby has his number and has given it to the advisors "

" Might as well " said a warrior.

Challenger got up and he recieved a call from a number.

" Wonder who this is ? " thought Challenger.

" Challenger, we should talk " said Blackburnian.

" What is going on ? " asked Challenger.

" Well, the thing is that I am at Grackle and Dove's place " said Blackburnian. " We have been searching the place just to be sure "

" Sure of what ? " asked Challenger.

" Well we want to see if anything that prevented Crayon from fighting in the war is here " said Blackburnian. " Is anyone else here ? "

" Nobody at all " said Challenger.

" King Bobby is very upset right now " said Blackburnian. " We will keep searching here "

" What do you expect to find ? " asked Challenger.

" Perhaps there are books or papers that are against the war " said Blackburnian. " If so, they must be removed "

" Books against the war ? " asked Challenger.

" We will search the books " said Blackburnian. " Anyways Challenger, hopefully the questioning will happen soon "

Blackburnian picked up a book but he did not find any books against the war.

" So should we take anything here ? " asked a warrior.

" There is nothing against the war here " said Blackburnian. " We must report to King Bobby right now "

Blackburnian and the warriors reported back to King Bobby and they were not able to find anything that was against the war.

" Well, that is disappointing " said King Bobby.

" It is " said Blackburnian.

" Hopefully our warriors can find Colour King " said Curtis.

" I talked to Challenger " said Blackburnian. " He claimed that nobody was with him "

" He probably lied " said Curtis. " He doesn't seem interested in the war "

" We have his number " said Lord Grackle. " King Bobby did give it to us "

" Do you have the number of the others ? " asked Diana.

" We only have Challenger and Warbler " said King Bobby. " We really should contact Warbler privately "

" Sounds like a plan " said Blackburnian.

" Maybe if he is alone, he will explain " said Curtis.

Time passed, Crayon and his friends checked out of the hospital and they just got out.

King Bobby called Warbler.

" Warbler, we need to talk right now " said King Bobby.

" What is going on, King Bobby " said Warbler.

" Warbler, I am concerned " said King Bobby. " You know how much Blackburnian wants you fighting with him "

" So for this questioning, where would you meet us ? " asked Warbler.

" We will bring to a special court " said King Bobby. " Warbler, I want to believe that you want war but these friends you have made do not want that "

" You know your brother and the rest of us want war and the news does "

" I am aware of all of this " said Warbler.

" Good " said King Bobby. " We are sending warriors to Bird Port "

" We know that you refused to fight our advisors so you might be innocent in this issue "

" But the thing is that the friends you chose to make put us in this position which is tough "

" Anyways, I have to go but we will see you soon "

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby, Dove and Grackle went to get bread at the bakery.

" It is great to see bakers again, I will thank each baker like I usually do " said Artby.

Artby thanked every baker.

" Bakers make us better people " said Artby. " Bakeries have done wonders for us "

They got their bread and left. They were sent a message by Challenger and they headed there.

" Me and Warbler were staying here while you were in the hospital recovering " said Challenger. " Blackburnian contacted me "

" Why ? " asked Colouruke.

" He and warriors of Bird's Isle snuck into Grackle and Dove's place and they were looking for anything that could make us against the war " said Challenger.

" What the fuck " said Dove.

" Nothing inside that place will do that " said Grackle.

" King Bobby contacted me " said Warbler. " He says that there is this court "

" Court ? " asked Artby.

" For the questioning " said Warbler. " He says that Blackburnian wants me to fight in the war and he says that the rest of us do not want war "

" Well he is right about us not wanting it, but I think that King Bobby is planning something " said Colourea.

" He believes that Warbler wants to fight it seems but that his friends don't want him fighting " said Dove.

" But Warbler didn't side with Paula and Salvador " said Grackle.

" I think that Blackburnian will believe that no matter what " said Crayon.

" True " said Challenger.

" Let's go inside " said Artby.

They enjoyed their breakfast.

After they ate, they then started training where Challenger was showing them his lightning techniques.

" Crayon, have you seen lightning techniques ? " asked Challenger.

" From Easeion, I have " said Crayon.

" Now, I am going to show you something special " said Challenger.

" Lightning Implosion "

The implosion went off with insane power.

" Wow " said Colouruke.

" We should continue training " said Colourea.

Crayon used his Light Implosion, Colouruke used his Sea Implosion, Warbler used his Wind Implosion and Challenger used his Lightning Implosion. The implosions hit each other and there was a huge combined blast.

" Amazing " said Grackle and Dove.

" We will stop King Bobby with this " said Artby.

Grackle and Dove combined their Ultimate Wind Bombs while Warbler and Crayon used their Ultimate Wind Blasts. The attacks hit each other.

Artby, Colourea and Crayon combined their Light Implosions together creating a new superattack called the Burning Sun Implosion which had insane power.

" Glad to see " said Challenger.

" It is truly marvelous " said Colouruke.

They continued training their blasts and their bombs for a while.

Draco and Rourke were talking.

" King Bobby will have some great justice " said Draco.

" He sure will " said Rourke.

" Challenger has much to learn " said Draco.

" He's no Colour King " said Rourke.

" I really hope he is brought back " said Draco.

" Well we need to find Crayon and his friends " said Rourke.

" They need justice " said Draco.

" I'm not sure what has gotten into Warbler these days but it is a shame " said Rourke.

" King Bobby had a talk with him I heard " said Draco.

" I am hoping that he would listen to our king and not Crayon " said Rourke.

" We must search Bird Port for them " said Draco.

The warriors that King Bobby arrived in Colourland and they were searching for Colour King.

" So this is Colourland " said the first warrior.

"  Now it is time for Colour King to be revealed " said the second warrior.

" Colourland has deserved him since the beginning " said the third warrior.

The warriors then continued searching for Colour King where they found the place that Challenger worked.

The warriors took pictures and sent it to King Bobby.

" So this is the main office of Challenger " said King Bobby. " Well maybe you will find Colour King around somewhere "

" We will check the old Bear hideout as well " said a warrior.

" Maybe Colour King supported them " said King Bobby. " I don't think they did, but who knows "

They headed to the hideout which was inside this forest.

" The place appears completely deserted " said a warrior.

" There is a message here " said a second warrior.

The message read this:

The father of the Smithson family named Brett has taken everyone and left.  We will start a new beginning with the Bear. If you are still remaining make sure to contact me at this number here 416-678-4003 and you will able to make it to where the rest of us are.

" A new beginning " said the warrior.

" Well the Bear did not like Challenger but King Bobby was happy at first that Crayon and his friends won " said the second warrior.

" Maybe it was Blackin and Blackina that King Bobby did not like ? " asked the third warrior.

" King Bobby is a great king but we should search through this hideout " said the fourth warrior.

They searched through the hideout and they saw a book here. They opened it.

" It seems to describe the dream wedding that Blackin was going to throw for Blackina " said a warrior.

" Blackina must mean everything for him " said the second warrior.

" Anyways look for more " said the third warrior.

They did not find Colour King but they found a lot of things that showed Blackin's love for Blackina.

They sent the number to King Bobby who then sent it to his advisors and Queen Starling.

One warrior was able to find some Colourlandish who worked for Colour King but they could not find him. The warriors all headed back to King Bobby.

" So you found this Brett guy and previous people working for Colour King " said King Bobby.

" I'm not sure much about this father of the Smithsons but I do know that the Bear opposed Challenger so maybe they know something about Colour King " said Queen Starling.

" It is worth a try " said Blackburnian.

King Bobby called the number of Brett.

Brett answered the call

" Hello " said Brett.

" Do you know about Colour King ? " asked King Bobby.

" Colour King ? " asked Brett. " I don't know much about him but I know my sons fought against a man named Crayon who was close to Challenger.

" If you see him, let us know " said King Bobby.

" Yes " said Brett. " Easeion does not like Challenger at all "

" Maybe he has an idea where Colour King is " said King Bobby.

" I'm not sure, I don't think he knows much about him but it is worth a try " said Brett. " Anyways, I have got to get going "

" He doesn't appear to know much about Colour King " said King Bobby.

" But he seemed to not like Challenger for what he did to his sons "

" People are tiring of Challenger for different reasons it seems " said Curtis. " Perhaps we can use this to our advantage "

" My brother Warbler fought against those guys so I'm not sure that they will help us " said Blackburnian.

" To be fair, the Bear wanted to take over Colourland so I don't think they particularly like Colour King " said Lord Grackle. " They wanted everything for Blackin and Blackina but maybe it had to do with Challenger as well "

" Time will tell " said Diana. " It really matters not, Colour King and King Bobby are a lot stronger so if the Bear refuses we will be fine "

" Draco and Rourke are going to bring Crayon and his friends to justice " said King Bobby.

Crayon and his friends had been training for a long time, they finished the training. They then had supper which they enjoyed.

After that, Crayon was kissing Colourea. The others were talking.

" Challenger, have you noticed how happy Crayon is sexually ? " asked Artby.

" Well, I have no idea to be honest " said Challenger.

" The bakers helped him out sexually, bakeries have always wanted Crayon to be happier sexually " said Artby. " The flour has allowed Crayon to be himself in a sexy way around Colourea "

" A sexy way of being himself ? " asked Dove.

" Bakeries have allowed us to be ourselves more " said Artby. " I have thanked bakers every time I go because they have done that for Crayon "

" Bakeries do that ? " asked Grackle.

" If you talk to any baker, they will tell you which bread makes you sexier " said Artby.

" What the fuck " said Challenger.

" I have never seen a baker do that " said Colouruke.

" When I talk to bakers, conversations that have not happened before now can happen " said Artby.

" How would a baker create these conversations ? " asked Warbler.

" The flour allows bakers to have conversation with people that is a new conversation " said Artby.

" Artby " said Colouruke.

" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.

" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.

" Bread has helped Crayon with these new sexier conversations that he has with Colourea " said Artby. " So what are these conversations ? " asked Warbler.

" Crayon knows how sexy he is due to bread, bakers have made him feel sexier " said Artby.

" Well, that is something " said Dove.

" It really is " said Warbler.

" Colourea knows how sexy Crayon is now because the bakeries have helped her feel that sexy " said Artby. " Bakeries have made Crayon have more sex with Colourea and I hope that we can all feel sexier "

" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, I know " said Artby. " Bakeries have helped me feel sexier, they have made us all sexier people in our lives "

" Well this is something else " said Grackle.

" We should talk to the bakers about it tomorrow, we can stay sexier that way " said Artby. " Remember to stay sexy "


After all of that, they went to their seperate rooms. Later on they went to bed.

Morning came and King Bobby was with his advisors.

" Draco and Rourke should have no problems with those traitors " said King Bobby.

" I wanted war, they will regret it " said Blackburnian. " I hope my brother Warbler can learn from this, he must think more about the people he is hanging out with "

" He must " said Curtis.

" Challenger has a lot to learn as a leader " said Queen Starling.

" Colour King was better " said King Bobby. " If he was there, Crayon would be fighting in the war right now "

" It would have given the chance for Crayon to be a hero again " said Lord Grackle.

" Colourea would love Crayon even more if that were to be true " said Blackburnian.

" That is true " said King Bobby. " Anyways, you are all dismissed "

Chapter 8

Draco and Rourke

Draco and Rourke then were in Bird Port and they started asking people about Challenger.

" Where is Challenger " said Rourke.

" I don't think the leader of Colourland is here " said a man.

" He is here, our warriors have confirmed it " said Draco.

" If you think about interfering, you will be arrested " said Rourke. " I suggest you refrain from that "

The man left. Royalnews broadcasted that Challenger is hiding in Bird Port.

Draco and Rourke continued searching through Bird Port but had not found them.

Crayon and his friends had gotten up and then they headed to the bakery where Artby thanked the bakers for making him sexier.

" Thanks for making us sexier, for helping us in fights, I will always continue to help bakers at any time " said Artby.

" Sexier ? " asked the baker.

" Have you noticed that the bread has made us sexier ? " asked Artby. " I am so proud of bakers "

" Uh, okay " said the baker.

" We will be getting a lot of bread from here " said Artby.

They got their bread and left.

They were about to have breakfast. They enjoyed their breakfast and then they headed outside to train.

Crayon, Challenger, Artby and Colourea used their Light Implosions together and the attack combined into two Sun Implosions which hit with intense power.

Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Wind Implosions and they combined to be the Bird Implosion and the attack hit with insane power.

Colouruke then kept training his Ultimate Sea Blasts, then his Sea Implosion. After that, they each used their respective Bomb techniques with combined for the Ultimate Bird Bomb and two Ultimate Sun Bombs. The attacks hit with intense power.

While this was happening, QuackQ were talking with each other.

" Draco and Rourke are very strong " said Jack.

" They will create the justice that King Bobby wants " said Bryant.

" Challenger needs to be brought to justice, he did not represent Colourland in the way that I thought he would " said Amanda.

" I think he is afraid " said Jack. " Colour King was not  like that "

" Colour King was truly Colourlandish, Challenger must learn what it means to be Colourlandish " said Bryant.

" Colourland was an insane superpower under Colour King " said Amanda.

" Challenger had a chance to support war against Numeria " said Jack.

" He ruined the chance " said Bryant.

" Colour King's return will be fantastic " said Amanda.

" He is Colourlandish as it gets " said Jack. " When he unites with King Bobby it will be great "

" Not to mention, he has a great wife in Colour Queen " said Bryant. " No Numerians, it is great "

" Not dating a Numerian is a big part of what it means to be Colourlandish " said Amanda.

" To be fair, Challenger isn't dating one but he refused war so it is not always what it seems " said Jack.

" Crayon threw his chance to be a hero out the window, I don't get it " said Bryant.

" Maybe Challenger was responsible for that " said Amanda.

" It could be " said Jack. " King Bobby has said that Warbler needs to be more careful who he hangs out with "

" When you hang out with individuals who do not support war against Numerians, it is questionable " said Bryant.

" Warbler is a good guy but not always sure, Blackburnian has said " said Amanda.

" Blackburnian has shown himself to be a great brother and has always wanted them fighting against Numerians in the war " said Jack.

" We need more brothers like him that want to fight against Numerians " said Bryant. " Blackburnian knows what it means to be a brother "

Crayon and his friends finished their training for the day. They found a place to eat and they ate there.

They enjoyed their meal, then Artby was talking.

" Bread has made me sexier than I was before " said Artby. " Crayon, have you noticed this sexiness "

" I think it's not entirely due to bread but okay " said Crayon.

" Bakers want me to be sexy, they are great people " said Artby. " Bakeries keep us sexier "

" Bakeries ? " asked Dove.

" Bakeries have made us sexier people, Dove " said Artby. " If it wasn't for them I would not be as sexy "

" Artby " said Colouruke.

" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.

" What the fuck " said Colouruke.

" Artby believes that he is sexier now due to bread " said Grackle.

" Well it isn't harming anyone so I will say that " said Colourea.

" Bakeries make us sexy, bread makes us sexier, flour makes us sexy " said Artby.

" Flour ? " asked Challenger.

" The flour has a quality that makes us so sexy " said Artby. " I am glad to be sexy now, we're sexy now "

" Uh thanks " everyone else said.

Time passed and then they went to bed, before that Crayon enjoyed sex with Colourea. Artby was very proud of bakers.

Draco and Rourke were approaching very close. They got up and made themselves their breakfast which they enjoyed eating.

After that, they left but then they noticed Draco and Rourke.

Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with the advisors.

" I cannot wait for justice " said King Bobby.

" Draco and Rourke will bring it " said Blackburnian. " My brother Warbler will see it for himself "

" It will be amazing " said Diana. " They must pay for what has happened "

" The warriors of Bird's Isle have wanted war, Challenger fucked up as a leader " said Queen Starling.

" The warriors will remember, Draco and Rourke know it " said Curtis.

" Challenger has fucked up " they all said together.

Draco and Rourke began to talk to Crayon and his friends.

" Well, now this is interesting " said Draco.

" I suggest you come with us " said Rourke. " Nobody gets hurt that way and then you will face the punishment that King Bobby has decided "

" What does he want to punish you with, you will find out " said Rourke. " We do not need to fight, we just need the king to punish you for what you have done "

" The choice is yours, come with us and face the punishment or you can fight " said Draco. " May I remind you that we are both stronger than Paula who was stronger than Salvador "

" I am aware " said Crayon.

" Warbler, your future will be decided " said Rourke.

" His future ? " asked Colouruke.

" King Bobby is upset with the decision that he believes that is forced on him " said Draco.

" Why does the king believe that ? " asked Artby.

" He strongly believes that because his brother Blackburnian wants them to fight together in the war " said Rourke.

" The king wants them to fight as brothers together " said Draco. " He is not happy with the decision that Challenger has made "

" But we don't want to fight " said Colourea.

" You will spend time in jail most likely, but the king may have a different punishment in mind " said Rourke.

" The decision that Challenger made ? " asked Dove. " We refused to fight "

" Challenger is the leader so he is responsible, leaders must take responsibility " said Draco. " He will be blamed more because of that "

" But this war is against Numeria, Numerians have not posed enough of a threat " said Challenger. " Plus couldn't Colourlandish people refuse to fight "

" King Bobby has ordered it to happen, why is he is given a bigger say than Challenger " said Crayon.

" Well he ordered the war and that you were invited by him " said Rourke. " If you were not invited by him then you would be allowed to not fight "

" He knew of the skills that were shown, so he noticed that " said Draco.

" Challenger would not fight in the war since he is the leader of Colourland, he would stay with the king, queen and Lord Grackle " said Rourke.

" Why Lord Grackle ? " asked Grackle.

" An advisor must always stay back, Blackburnian refused to not fight " said Draco. " The other advisors as well wanted to fight but Lord Grackle made the decision "

" Now it is time for you to make the decision " said Rourke. " To fight or to safely make it back for punishment from the king "

" Which is it ? said Draco.

" We will fight " said Crayon. " I'm not going to jail for not going to war "

" Same here " said Artby. " If I go to jail, I won't be able to go to bakeries and eat tasty bread "

" You fools " said Rourke. " We will crush you, like we said we are both stronger than Paula "

" Now six of you will fight " said Draco. " You have two minutes to decide "

They had a discussion and Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler, Artby and Dove decided to fight while Challenger and Grackle were not fighting.

" So Challenger will not fight " said Rourke stunned.

" The rest of you are not strong enough " said Draco.

" We will just see about that " said Crayon.

" King Bobby would have preferred that you stay alive for justice, but we have no choice now " said Rourke.

" Let's fight " said Crayon.

Chapter 9

The Fight

Rourke then got ready with his Ultimate Wind Bomb while Draco used his Ultimate Wind Blast. Crayon used his Ultimate Light Bomb while Dove used her Ultimate Wind Bomb. The attacks collided with each other. Rourke got up and used his Ultimate Wind Blast and Draco used his own. Crayon then used his Light Implosion to counter.

" The attacks that use are good but they are not enough " said Rourke.

" Challenger needs to fight " said Draco. " If not, there is no chance "

" There is a chance, we can win " said Artby.

" I would love to see you try " said Draco.

" We will, we'll do it for bakers " said Artby. " I'll always fight for a baker and bakeries "

" Bring it on " said Rourke.

Rourke then used his Wind Implosion while Draco used his Ultimate Wind Bomb. The attacks combined and a giant wind explosion went off. Artby got up and used his Ultimate Light Blast while Colourea used her own. The attacks hit. Draco got up and he then charged for his Wind Implosion while Crayon used his Light Implosion to counter. After all of that, Rourke then charged his Wind Implosion and aimed it towards Artby.

" Take this " yelled Rourke.

Artby was hit straight head on, Crayon then used the Quintuple Light Strike and he hit Draco with it.

Warbler then used the Ultimate Wind Blast while Dove used her own and the blasts then hit Rourke.

Rourke got up and he then used his Wind Implosion while Colouruke used his Sea Implosion. The implosions collided with each other. Draco then used his Ultimate Wind Blast and he hit Dove with it.

Dove was starting to slightly struggle, she then used the Ultimate Wind Bomb against Rourke who used the Ultimate Wind Blast. The attacks collided. Draco then grabbed Dove and threw her down to the ground.

" Noooo " said Warbler.

" Warbler, you will regret it " said Rourke. " We gave you a chance to fight in the war with your brother "

" You ruined that chance Warbler, with you failing to go to war " said Draco. " Do you have any idea how he feels right now "

" But, I don't want to fight " said Warbler.

" But why not Warbler " said Rourke. " King Bobby wants you to fight, Blackburnian your brother wants you to fight "

" You could have fought together in the war as brothers " said Draco.

Draco and Rourke then charged their Wind Implosions while Warbler and Crayon charged theirs. The attacks hit with tons of power. Dove was about to get up but Rourke then grabbed her.

" Now it is your end " said Rourke. " You will regret not going to war against Numeria "

Draco and Rourke combined their Tenfold Wind Strikes into the Times Twenty Wind Strike blasting down Dove and defeating her.

" Now that is the price you must pay " said Draco.

Rourke then aimed the Ultimate Wind Bomb towards Colouruke while Warbler aimed his towards Draco. The attacks hit their targets. Warbler then rushed Rourke with his Quintuple Wind Strike while Rourke used his Ultimate Wind Blast. The attacks collided with each other, Artby then used the Ultimate Light Blast against Draco while Draco used his Wind Implosion. The attacks collided, Artby was starting to slightly struggle.

" Now, it's time for the flour to do its trick " said Artby.

" Flour ? " asked Colouruke.

" Flour has done wonders when I fight " said Artby. " Flour makes us stronger "

" C'mon " said Rourke.

" Rourke, flour makes me a better fighter " said Artby. " I really doubt that " said Draco.

" Bakeries have always wanted me to fight for their bakers " said Artby. " They put special flour in the bread to make be a better fighter "

" Artby, I know you took some hits in the fight but flour ? " asked Rourke.

" Rourke, bakers do so much for me " said Artby. " Did you know that the bread makes us sexier ? "

" Hahahahahaha " said Rourke and Draco. " Okay, I really think you are trying to mess with us "

" No, I'm sexy now " said Artby. " Before bread I was not as sexy "

" You know this isn't working right " said Rourke.

" Rourke, I'm just saying I am sexier now " said Artby. " Bakers use a special flour in the bread to keep me so sexy "

" Clearly you have taken more damage than I thought " said Draco.

" Draco, I just look sexy " said Artby. " What is so bad about that "

" Artby " said Crayon.

" Yes, Crayon " said Artby.

" Dude, what the fuck " said Crayon. " I am lost for words "

" Crayon, I'm sexy " said Artby. " Bakers want me to stay sexy "

" You won't be for much longer " said Rourke.

" Let's continue the fight " said Draco.

Draco then used his Ultimate Wind Blast and Rourke used his Ultimate Wind Bomb. He aimed the attacks at Artby while Colourea used the Light Implosion and Artby used the Ultimate Light Bomb. The attacks hit with intense power. Colouruke then used the Sea Implosion while Rourke countered with the Wind Implosion, the attacks collided with each other.

After that Colouruke used his Sea Implosion while Warbler used his Wind Implosion, Draco and Rourke countered with their own Wind Implosions. The attacks collided with each other. They all got up, Rourke then hit down Artby with his Tenfold Wind Strike.

Artby was seriously struggling while Colouruke was slightly struggling.

" Artby you are finished " said Rourke.

" I am not, I won't let the bakeries down " said Artby. " I will not die "

" Well, I'm not too sure about that " said Draco.

" I'm not dying, the bakeries will truly be hurt " said Artby.

" Artby, you chose to fight us instead of face the justice that the king wanted " said Rourke. " When you fight advisors of the king, this is going to happen "

" You made this decision, if you wanted more bread you would have fought in the war " said Draco. " You would have gotten paid to fight and with advisors fighting in the war you wouldn't have died "

" You know that for sure ? " asked Colouruke.

" We do, the king has said that you would have not died in the war " said Rourke.

" The king is right " said Draco. " Anyways we should continue to fight "

Artby then was charging for the Light Implosion and Colouruke was charging for the Sea Implosion. Draco and Rourke used their Wind Implosions. The attacks hit each other, they all took damage. Colouruke was struggling, Artby was defeated.

" Now, you must really understand how it is going to be " said Rourke.

" Colouruke, you are next " said Draco. " King Bobby is having justice no matter what "

" We would have preferred to have you face judgement but this will have to do " said Rourke.

The fight continued.

Rourke and Draco aimed their Ultimate Wind Bombs while Crayon used his Wind Implosion and Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Bomb. The attacks hit each other and they collided. Colouruke was getting near the end.

" Colouruke you are finished " said Rourke.

" Now it will be down to the strongest three " said Draco.

" Colouruke can still fight " said Crayon.

" It's not over, I will not give up " said Colouruke.

Colouruke charged up his Sea Implosion while Colourea charged up his Light Implosion, the implosions aimed at Draco. Draco and Rourke used their Wind Implosions again. Colouruke was defeated while Colourea was starting to slightly struggle.

Colourea got up and used the Quintuple Light Strike and directly hit Rourke. Draco then used his Ultimate Wind Blast directly on Warbler. After all of that, Warbler then used the Ultimate Wind Bomb while Rourke countered with his own.  After all of this Rourke and Draco used their Ultimate Wind Bombs while Colourea used her Ultimate Light Bomb and Warbler used his Ultimate Wind Blast. The attacks all collided with each other. Warbler and Colourea were struggling while Rourke was starting to slightly struggle.

" Well you are a bit stronger than we thought " said Draco.

" It isn't enough " said Rourke.

Rourke then grabbed Colourea while Draco then kicked her to the ground. Crayon tried to get in the way but Rourke punched him.

Draco then was charging up for the Wind Implosion, Rourke then kept moving around Crayon and Warbler which made it difficult to stop Draco.

Draco launched the attack, Crayon attempted to try to take the hit. Rourke then punched him.

" Warbler won't be able to take it " said Crayon.

" Hahahahaha " said Rourke.

The attack directly hit Colourea, Colourea was hardly able to move. Rourke then went to finish her off with his Tenfold Wind Strike but Warbler used his Ultimate Wind Blast to counter. At this point Rourke was struggling while Colourea and Warbler were very near the end.

" Listen to me Crayon " said Draco. " There is something you must know "

" What is that ? " asked Crayon.

" You know of Colour King " said Draco.

" Colour King ? " asked Crayon. " He is gone "

" Don't be so sure, the king has said that he is not " said Draco.

" Well he has been gone for so long now " said Crayon.

" Our warriors have found people that used to work for him " said Draco. " He is not dead "

" Regardless if he is alive or not, he is still missing " said Crayon. " Challenger is going to continue being the leader of Colourland regardless "

Draco and Rourke grabbed Warbler and then threw him down. After that Draco then was charging his Ultimate Wind Blast and aimed it towards Colourea, Crayon used his Light Implosion. The attacks hit their targets.

" Noooo " said Crayon.

" Haha " said Draco. " Challenger failed as a leader to get you to fight "

" Get me to fight ? " asked Crayon.

" King Bobby would have not done that " said Draco.

" But we don't want to fight, it has nothing to do with Challenger " said Crayon

" We told you that you would not die in the war " said Draco. " Lord Grackle wants the resources that Numeria has "

" But what does that have to do with anything " said Crayon.

" It makes Bird's Isle a nicer place Crayon, the king likes it that way " said Draco.

" If Bird's Isle has better resources there will be more money and food " said Rourke. " Crayon are you really against that ?

" I am not against that but taking everything from the Numerians ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes " said Draco. " That is what Lord Grackle has wanted "

" Whether he wants these resources or not then you are on our own " said Crayon. " Let's continue the fight "

Crayon got ready with his Wind Implosion while Rourke used his. The attacks collided with each other. Rourke was struggling a lot same with Warbler.

Rourke and Warbler then rushed for each other but Rourke was able to get Warbler and punch him to the ground while Draco kicked him.

Crayon then aimed for Rourke and directly hit him with the Ultimate Wind Blast. Rourke and Warbler were defeated and it was just Draco.

" Warbler is done, he has improved but it was not enough " said Draco. " Now it is just us "

" I still have to commend you for stopping Rourke which I was not expecting without Challenger fighting "

" Challenger has confidence in us, he has shown to be right " said Crayon.

" We will continue " said Draco.

" Now for my new technique "

" New technique ? " asked Crayon.

" Ultimate Sky Blast " said Draco.

Crayon launched his Light Implosion but Draco launched the Ultimate Sky Blast. Both of them were hit by it.

" Now you will see my other Sky techniques " said Draco.

Draco used his Ultimate Sky Bomb and aimed it at Crayon while Crayon used his Wind Implosion. The attacks collided against each other.

Draco then used his Tenfold Sky Strike. The strike hit with tons of power. Crayon then hit Draco with his Ultimate Light Blast. Draco was about to charge for his strongest attack the Sky Implosion. Crayon then used his Light Implosion. The Sky Implosion was an attack with power that was never seen from one person.

" Hahahahaha " said Draco. " Challenger's time to fight is very soon "

" Don't bet on it " said Crayon.

" I will " said Draco.

" We should continue " said Crayon.

Crayon then charged up his Wind Implosion while Draco used the Sky Implosion. Both of them took damage, Crayon got up and he hit Draco with the Quintuple Light Strike.

Draco was slightly struggling but he then used the Ultimate Sky Bomb while Crayon used the Ultimate Wind Bomb. The attacks hit and both of them took damage but Crayon took more.

Crayon got up and he used the Light Implosion while Draco used the Tenfold Sky Strike. The attacks collided and both of them took damage.

Crayon and Draco were approaching the end. Crayon then used his Light Implosion while Draco used his Sky Implosion. The attacks hit and both fighters took quite a bit of damage.

Both of them were seriously struggling but Crayon was able to get up first and he used the Ultimate Light Blast which was able to seal the victory.

" Nice " said Grackle. " Not to mention without Challenger fighting "

" It is great " said Crayon.

" We need to call for a hospital right away " said Challenger.

They contacted the hospital, meanwhile King Bobby and his advisors were feeling unsure about Draco and Rourke.

" Could this really be " said Curtis.

" I do not understand, Salvador wasn't the strongest but Draco and Rourke have too much skill " said King Bobby. " We are going to need to be very ruthless "

" There are changes that need to be made " said Lord Grackle.

" We must get tougher on Challenger " said Blackburnian. " He has destroyed my chance at being in the war with my brother Warbler "

" I will get my revenge against him, Warbler would have fought if it wasn't for him "

" Challenger has failed to live up to the expectation that Colour King previously set " said Queen Starling.

" Challenger just does not get it " said Curtis.

" The resources that Numeria has are very useful, Colour King always recognized them " said Lord Grackle. " Why does Challenger refuse this war, it does not make sense "

" Challenger does not care about making Colourland a better country " said King Bobby. " I really hate having to say it but he has shown us that "

" Well he's no King Bobby " said Queen Starling.

" Well nobody is, but Colour King was the closest to me in the sense that he understood what it meant to lead Colourland " said King Bobby.

" That is true " said Curtis. " So what is the plan for now ? "

" Our warriors will head to Bird Port and we will continue searching for Colour King in Colourland " said King Bobby. " We will stay here for the time being "

The warriors were sent to Bird Port and Colourland.

Challenger and his friends checked into the hospital.