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Try Or Have you Tried?

The days of trial, when life's problems are not going away even when they thought they knew the solutions.

Who? O, who are they?

Why them!

The many who give up, when life seem to them to worsen so, but remember, there's always hope somewhere, but sometimes...

Sometimes, there's nobody to tell them, and they, like the last year, cross over to the other side. Because the masses of us are focused on our own problems, self absorbed with excessive amounts of self love; and blind to another's own.

T'is sad, really. And horrible!

Well, yeah well...

This book captures the essence of what it feels to be alive and suffering, to see beauty yet see nothing; to see destruction and feel lost in it. It describes, almost perfectly (not exactly, but you get what I mean) what it means to want to live, yet feel like giving up.

It isn't about you, or her, or him, or even them. I could say it's about the mother Earth, but really, it's about all of us - those people who really need help mentally; who are exhausted in spirit and weak, as their sanity is fading, and long a way.

What help are we to mother Earth, when dying?

What help are we to one another, when blindly fighting? And for what? Yourself?

I don't know if there's ever going to be any peace in the world, but somehow it's clear, that that is not where we're going.

To help another, and for the other to do so and likewise the other, and so forth seems to be a problem in the society we live in today. But somehow...

Somehow, evil, wicked deeds aren't really hard for most, I've seen.

My best, I have tried;

O human, will you try?