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3 Elements Contest with foodpanda!
✪ Submission Closed

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for participating in our Valentine’s Day themed contest! We really enjoy reading how you guys connected the 3 elements to craft a creative and engaging story! We will announce the winners very soon!

As promoting a healthy lifestyle among people is also one of foodpanda’s missions, we are thrilled to host another '3 Elements'writing contest again! This time, one of the elements (Quinoa) is a healthy and nutritious food! Hope these new elements can inspire you all to write another great story!

Without further ado, below are the details of the contest. Let your creativity flow and remember to have fun!

*Contest Mechanism*


Write a story to promote foodpanda based on Allthree elements:

- Pulled Hamstring

- An Annoying Boss

- Quinoa

Duration:Feb 22, 2016– March 6, 2016 (11:59 pm GMT 8+ Time Zone)

Word Limit:Around 300-500Words


1st Place:

- Story Entry Featured on foodpanda’s Online Magazine,

- $500 HKD foodpanda voucher,

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning story entry on it)

2nd Place:

- $400 HKD foodpanda voucher,

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning story entry on it)

3rd Place:

- $300 HKD foodpanda voucher,

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning entry story on it)

(Note:foodpanda Vouchers can be used in Hong Kong only. However, participants in other countries are also encouraged to join the contest to win the chance of featuring their entries in Foodpanda’s online magazine and win Penana’s beautifully designed gifts.)


1. foodpanda and Penana will judge the contest entries based on their creativity, quality, originality, and uniqueness.

2. Each contest submission shall not have been previously exploited or published in any form.

3. The contest submissions should not contain any material that is libelous, defamatory, profane or obscene, as determined by foodpanda and Penana.

4. All submissions must be in English.

About foodpanda:

Food Delivery just got faster. We’re foodpanda, a delivery service bringing you the restaurants you love right to your doorstep or your office. Often, with busy schedules and in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, eating schedules are often neglected, so we want to be your solution. And, we definitely want to hear what young people have to say about Hong Kong’s food scene.

Drawn to Penana, we are looking for aspiring writers, who might also happen to be a foodie to exercise in creative writing. So if you are one, or know anyone who might be one…stop waiting and enter our competition now!

Follow foodpanda’s Facebook and Instagram:



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Creator's Pick
Christmas Contest with Chanwoo Bang (방찬우)! ✧
✪ Submission Closed

Special Prized Contest with Aspiring Korean Singer Chanwoo Bang!

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas! On this special occasion, me along with my college friend and young Korean singer Chanwoo Bang have decided to host a creative writing contest here on Penana! As part of Chanwoo’s new song ‘그런 날이 있어’, this special prized contest is one you would not want to miss!:)

Having received an international high school education at North London Collegiate School Jeju on Jeju Island, Korea, Chanwoo is a young and aspiring singer-songwriter who has a fond passion in music and singing. Moving on to college, Chanwoo has never given up his musical endeavors amidst hectic schoolwork. Despite living in a whole new environment, Chanwoo continues to write new songs and publish his works in his free time and enjoys playing the guitar at night when he is at home. Through composing various original songs, Chanwoo hopes to touch his fans with his unique voice and guitar playing, as music is something which he holds dear to his heart.

The theme of this special contest will be based on Chanwoo’s new original song ‘그런 날이 있어’. For this contest, feel free to write a short story or poem with the feelings you had whilst listening to the song – you can write about anything, it can be a short piece about a romantic story or an intergalactic universe far, far away, or even a poem about one special night when you couldn’t go to sleep. You can really write about anything...let your emotions shine through!:)

Listen to Chanwoo’s song ‘그런 날이 있어’ here! :


Write a story with the feelings you had whilst listening to the song ‘그런 날이 있어’. You can craft a unique story or poetry behind it – remember to give a title to your masterpiece!

Word Limit:Around 500 words (can be less!)

Judging:Korean singer-songwriter Chanwoo Bang (Like counts by the community will also be considered!)


A secret gift mailed to you with bundles of love!:)

We really look forward to your story and poetry entries!

A lovely Christmas to you all and Happy New Year! May the magic and warmth of Christmas stay in your heart always!

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