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Pena Coin Christmas Contest!
✪ Submission Closed

Dear Aspirating Writers and Readers,

Long time no chat! Happy Christmas! You may have noticed that recently we Penana have launched our platform currency “Pena Coin” to English and ASEAN language users around the globe!

So, what is Pena Coin?

Pena Coin is Penana's platform currency, which can be purchased and used for sponsoring stories or writing contests, buy e-publications, or activate premium web and app features on Penana!

As users,you can purchase Pena Coins in the link below:https://www.penana.com/buy_coins

As writers,if you receive any Pena Coin sponsorship, it will be recorded as your revenue and stored in the following link:https://www.penana.com/myrevenue

Click here you can be sponsored / sponsor people:

Note: You can withdraw your revenue (using PayPal) once you hit the HKD 600 threshold (which is approximately equivalent to USD 77).

Pena Coin Conversion Rate:100 Pena Coins = HKD 1 ≈ USD 0.13

Contest Rules:

This festive contest will run from Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24) until Christmas (Dec 25).All you need to do is leave a comment saying “Hi Penana”, and you will receive 100 Pena Coins!

If you want to earn more Pena Coins, you can also submit an entry to this contest to tell us about what you think about Penana. You will receive an extra 200 Pena Coins as reward for your participation!

Remember, you can only comment or post an entry ONCE. Repeated comments and entries won’t count.

Hope you guys will enjoy this festive contest and start to use Pena Coins to reward quality content.

Thank you, and as always, “Keep Writing Good Stories!”



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