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Legendary( Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Fanfic)

Ten years ago, a dark army arose. The power they possessed was like the flames the sun held deep inside him. Dark clouds followed wherever they went, and the sound of the thunder roaring gave kids and adults goosebumps down their spines.A pokemon named wigglytuff saw this dark force, slowly walking to his village. He tried to plead with them, to rethink their intention. He gave them options, he gave them money, he would even sacrifice himself for his people, but they denied. The only words they said was, "We'll do it for our lord."The time came when Wigglytuff gave in, and said enough was enough. He called on all of his explorers, short and tall, ugly and pretty, and strong and weak. He told them about this unknown army that was walking this way, and ordered them to push them back, to protect their people who depend on them, to do what they were trained to do, to scare them into never coming back here again.When the time of war opened the door, the army proved to be difficult to overpower. Storms of blood and screams ran through the battlefield. Even the strongest of pokemon had felt their heart pumping fast.The village, the home of wigglytuff and his guild was destroyed. Houses turned into crumbs of ashes, dozens of innocent pokemon lost their life, and the trees were tackled to the ground. Fire and lightning rained upon the village's soil, turning it hard like the desert.Wigglytuff asked the leader of the army, "why do you keep fighting, who is your lord!"The leader didn't speak for a moment, but eventually, wigglytuff got his answer. "Mewtwo is my lord, he is our king."At the end, Wigglytuff won the war, but at what cost. Most of his explorers were dead, his guild was destroyed, and he was still haunted by a pokemon from the dark side's last words, "You think this is war, you have not seen war, be prepared for the coming of Armageddon, he said in a beaten up, raspy voice.Wigglytuff searched endlessly through books after books, research paper after research paper, but couldn't find a single being called, "Mewtwo." Until he found one piece of evidence, one light in the darkness, it was a pokemon called , "Mew." He was small, his legs looked strong compared to his arms, and his tail stretch beyond his head. Wigglytuff still wondered, why'd he say mewtwo, instead of just mew.After five years of extensive research, he gave up on that old bluff that fallen soldier said, and started focusing more on his guild. His guild was now a tent. Inside was a chair and a desk for wigglytuff, and a wall of the wanted list for his explorers, oh how the mighty have fallen.Five years later, a new generation of young explorers signed up for the adventure they crave, and wigglytuff couldn't be more proud of his people. But, in his wall of the wanted lists, he's been seeing the same pokemon from the that fateful year. The same scars, the same complextion, and that same emptiness in their eyes.(Looking for any cowriters)

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