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Carpal Tunnel Christmas!
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Sometimes, a picture is a thousand words. Other times, you have to ask: "How did this happen? Why didn't Santa come?" With some seemingly random products, how would that solve a mystery? Or make Santa happy?

The Contest Requirements

~ Write for the Prompts of the Week. Each Prompt will have separate guidelines.

~ Please use ALL (or most of) the provided objects/pictures within the prompt. Some prompts have extra credit opportunities.

~ For M - Rated Entries, please indicate that at the top of your entry.

~ The entries should have a Christmas theme (or take place on a December Holiday)

~ You have one week to submit each entry! Minimum word counts vary.

~ For extra credit, give the writer constructive criticism. You may edit your pieces as much as you'd like.

~ The mandatory items may NOT be strewn in at one spot. It's okay if you say: "I got a doll, a toy sword, a phone, and a TV for Christmas," NOT "I got paint, a pyramid, a dog, tea, a phone, a TV, a toy sword and a doll." and end it with that. Put some heart into your creations!

~ The assigned picture should fit into your story (repaint this in your head; see it in action!) Be creative! Do not say "I saw this picture in a museum". What is its significance?

The entry with the most likes will be featured on the Christmas Break.

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing!

This stuff has: Items, a picture, some characters, and maybe a quote to weave into one, comprehensible literary piece.

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Heart Doth Speak Incorrectly
✪ Submission Closed

[Controversial Subjects Explored. Please be respectful.]

We live in an age where offending is wrong. It is, certainly, but in my opinion so is such censorship.

We believe what we believe. That's a fact of life, and public opinion or what is generally considered "correct" should not dictate  such a thing. We shouldn't have to feel terrified of expressing opinions. They are, after all, what makes us human, and in my opinion, anyone who openly goes against the norm with such views (while still being respectful) is brave, far braver than those who conform.

This challenge is focused on one thing: expression of opinions, especially on controversial subjects. This is where writers can say something that people may not agree with for one reason or another. I want to encourage bravery and encourage voices to be heard.

Judging on:

- General grammar.

- Eloquence and powerful word use.

- Expression of opinion.

**Like-count will also go under consideration.


Simply express in the way you know best, be it essay, poem, short story, quote, etc. All word lengths accepted.

If I catch you being disrespectful and blatantly rude to another contestant, you will be disqualified.

You can do more than one entry, but only one of those entries will win, if one is to be picked. Bot could be excellent, but it would be unfair to have all of your entries as the winners and not anyone else.

Winners Will Receive...

1st Place: A poem and a short story based on your expressed topic, and an additional prize of choice. (Extra poem or story, collaboration, an art piece (would be posted to DeviantArt if that were the case), or any non-payment, non-mail prize that we can keep via internet).

2nd Place: A short story and a poem  on your expressed topic.

3rd Place: A short story or a poem based on your expressed topic.

Possible Subjects Include:

- Religion.

- Abortion.

- Homosexuality.

- Politics.

- Teen pregnancy.

+anything else you feel you need to express.

Happy expressing!

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