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Welcome to the Continent, a diverse land whose citizens are creatures of fantasy, taken from myth, civilization grounded in legend.

To your right, you'll find the Dark Forest, home to tribes of vila. It's safe to go in, now that the clans have reached a tentative peace treaty from the Council's intervention, but it's not recommended. Vila are playful folk; you might find yourself tossed around by their winds as a practical joke.

To your left, you'll see the Open Plains. Careful, now, it's cockatrice hatching season, and there's been recent news of a surge in death worm acid attacks.

Straight ahead, you can just see the tops of the High Peaks of the West. It's a highly recommended vacation destination, so many different tours to go on, a new sight to see each visit. If you're going to go, it might be better to avoid Mt. Floating Ashes - the weather up there's been temperamental recently, what with the random, unexplained avalanches and all that.

Behind you are the long, sloping beaches of the White Coast. You'll probably find a band or two of sirens down there, but they'll (usually) leave you alone. What's really interesting, though, are the alleged sightings of one of the Dragon Kings. Some even say he's got a Kraken! It would certainly explain the flooding forecasted for the next week.

Where you're standing right now? Why, you're in the Capital, of course, the center of it all (figuratively speaking). There's the Council Building, right there!

Remember traveler, wherever you may be on this Continent, there is always adventure waiting. And should you ever feel lost, all you must do is look up; the moon will be there with you. The wolves say it's because the Moon Goddess is always shining down on us. Whatever it may be, take comfort in it.

It will be shining Bright.

Experimental story. Cross-posted onto Wattpad (hence the username on the story cover), though I have no great love for the site. Non-traditional take on werewolf/fantasy fiction. Rogue dynamics. Warnings for swearing (generally in author's notes), references to child abuse, and mentions of drug use.

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