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Piper Ali
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Piper Ali
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Thief the Wizard

Darius Quill wakes up one day in a dungeon cell, not knowing the reason for him being there. His parents dead, his sister sold, and his house burned down, Darius doesn't believe he will ever be happy again. All he has left of his old life is a black metal token on a chain around his neck.

Then he meets Elric, the so-called wizard who claims he can do magic. To trust, or not to trust? Darius must choose between the two, a choice that could make him, or break him.

The Chronicles of Esos

There are six different tribes. The Mountain Tribe, the Meadow Tribe, the Forest Tribe, the Sea Tribe, the Desert Tribe, and the Metro Tribe. Every tribe has it's own special power or talent.

The mountain peopleare powerful, stubborn, and strong-willed. They are not known for their intelligence, but they are also not stupid. They work in the mines and forges, making weapons and collecting ore.

The meadow peopleare graceful, tall, and elegant. Their general facial features consist of high cheekbones, angular noses and chins, large eyes, and arching eyebrows. They are typically light-haired and fair, though there are some dark-haired ones. Their powers include mystery, mischievousness, evasiveness, illusions, lies, deceit, and trickery. Basically, think of elves or faeries.

The forest peopleare small in stature, with darker skin (everything from ebony to almond) and dark hair. They are fast, agile, and exceptionally good climbers. They also have a different assortment of powers, usually anything that has something to do with plants and nature, like healing. It's very rare for someone from the forest tribe to have a destructive power instead of a beneficial one.

Not very much is known about the sea people. They supposedly live underwater, but some people believe them to be a myth, or extinct. Nothing is know of their physical appearance or typical personalities.

The desert peoplelive in the desert (obviously), though why anyone would want to do this is still unknown to me. They usually have a dry sense of humor (ironic, huh?) and are very tall. They are darker-skinned, like one would expect, and dark-haired. Their powers typically have something to do with wind or weather or heat, like fire.

The metro peopledo not have powers. They rely on technology and gadgets. They are hated by all other tribes because of their knack to pollute the world around them. As you may have guessed, they live in large cities.

BTW, this takes place in a fictional land/region called Esos. Hence the story title.

So for a long time, I've wanted to write this story with the help of other authors. If you want to make your own character, just join as a co-writer.

I'm going to post info on my main character just so you know what he's like for future references. Like when you're writing about him (if you join), you'll know what he looks like and acts like and everything.

Name:Sage Parker



Race/Tribe:He is from the Forest Tribe.

Looks/Appearance:He has a mane of shaggy, crimson-colored hair (this is due to his curse, I'll explain later) deep black eyes (also the curse), and pale, unblemished skin, like freshly fallen snow. He's small-statured, only about 5' 7", and is not muscular in any way. He typically wears green or black clothing, as per se the forest tribe's custom, and has a flair for dramatics.

Personality/Attitude:He is very pessimistic, always looking on the darker side of things, and very sarcastic. He's clever, witty, and intelligent (despite popular belief, those three words do NOT mean the same thing), and always has something to say. Though some would think otherwise, he loves his family and is fiercely loyal to them, especially his younger sister.

Weapon of Choice:He uses a long, completely straight wooden staff about his height with retractable blades on both ends.

Backstory:He comes from one of the wealthiest and most important families in the entire forest tribe. His father is a Forest Tribe Representative to the High Council, which is the ruling body of elders elected by the people in all tribes. Every Tribe has it's own representatives. Sage is training to follow his father's footsteps as a council member, but he doesn't want to. He thinks his life is already planned out, without him having any say in what happens to him. Because of this, he does not show the people of the Forest Tribe his true potential as Representative. He pays much more attention than he will ever let on. BTW, everyone hates him. Just thought I'd tell you.

Curse:(This should not be an entire category unto itself, but I promised an explanation, so here it is.) When Sage was born, it was evident that he was not like everyone else. Where his hair should have been a dark brown or black, it was crimson red. His eyes should have been blue, like any infant's, but instead they were pure black. His skin should have at least been tinted, but no. He was white like snow. No one was sure why this was, so they consulted the Elder. He told them of a man, a long time ago, who had been just like this child. This man had almost caused the destruction of the entire Forest Tribe. As Sage became older, the curse become more evident. When his powers developed, he had a destructive power. Poison. He grew fangs (retractable, of course) and claws that oozed a clear venom on his demand. Even a drop of this venom was lethal to a grown man. His parents tried to hide his powers from his for as long as possible, but eventually he found out. He despises the powers.

So if you join, you can write basically anything so long as it doesn't go outside of the story line, and as long as you don't kill anyone else's character. If you have any questions or ideas, pleasepost them in the comments below.

Also, if possible, I would like to have one character from each tribe. I realize there are only 5 collab. spaces and 6 tribes, so I can do two characters if no one else wants to.

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