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Carpal Tunnel Christmas!
✪ Submission Closed

Sometimes, a picture is a thousand words. Other times, you have to ask: "How did this happen? Why didn't Santa come?" With some seemingly random products, how would that solve a mystery? Or make Santa happy?

The Contest Requirements

~ Write for the Prompts of the Week. Each Prompt will have separate guidelines.

~ Please use ALL (or most of) the provided objects/pictures within the prompt. Some prompts have extra credit opportunities.

~ For M - Rated Entries, please indicate that at the top of your entry.

~ The entries should have a Christmas theme (or take place on a December Holiday)

~ You have one week to submit each entry! Minimum word counts vary.

~ For extra credit, give the writer constructive criticism. You may edit your pieces as much as you'd like.

~ The mandatory items may NOT be strewn in at one spot. It's okay if you say: "I got a doll, a toy sword, a phone, and a TV for Christmas," NOT "I got paint, a pyramid, a dog, tea, a phone, a TV, a toy sword and a doll." and end it with that. Put some heart into your creations!

~ The assigned picture should fit into your story (repaint this in your head; see it in action!) Be creative! Do not say "I saw this picture in a museum". What is its significance?

The entry with the most likes will be featured on the Christmas Break.

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing!

This stuff has: Items, a picture, some characters, and maybe a quote to weave into one, comprehensible literary piece.

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