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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year

Senior year is finally here! Time for celebration, a time to look forward to the future and reminisce about the past.

Life is never that ideal, and trouble, as it often does, has come to team RWBY. A new enemy appears among social strife and emotional pain. Will RWBY be able to hold together and face their new foe, or will they be divided and crushed?

Differences on this AU from the actual canon:

I wrote this after season 2 and before any hints of season 3 were released, so many characters that were only mentioned until then are basically OC's and will not have any resemblance to what they will be. The canon story lines of the show ended at the end of their first year.

Life has mostly been normal since then with the exception of a major incursion of Grimm in the summer between third and fourth year which was successfully driven off.

I've also made their weapons much more important to the use of Aura, so small things like Ruby finding out that Jaune hadn't made his never happened. Jaune also now sports a new weapon because of this. See "the bond" in one shots on more about that.

Otherwise it's pretty much the world you know.

Chapter title Key:Ruby & Weiss: Single word titlesBlake/Phoenix: Avian themedYang: ______ and _______JNPR: The _______

If a chapter title doesn't fit within this key it's because its a mixed bag of everyone. This is more likely to start happening near the end of the book when the individual storylines begin to merge.

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