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at the arts 1920
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Pandora's Box

Pandora what a weird name for a girl. but as were as her name is her moving life is about to get weirder.

will and jem are twin werewolfs who might share one mate or solemate as humans know. but humans dont know about werewolfs.

this story dose have some tringing things in the beging so be warnd. overall it will little kid ok but there will be some teen seens. here a prereviw of what youll get. i do love feed back so when its cunfusing or missspeled please tell me i like wrighting but suck at spelling. i have this story at wattpad and posably other webcites.

I have to stay on the move.

I travel from town to town staying only for a few months.

But I think this next town is so out there that I can say for the school year and be good.

At least I hope.

Flash Back

"Get back here Pandora I'm not done talking to you!"

He was yelling again, he never stops, I have no idea why mom left me in his care. He and I never got along, I hated him the moment mom brought him over.

I'm going to run away tonight, I will succeed. He will never lay a hand on me again.

I could deal with the hitting and betting, you got sore and hurt for days. I just thought about it like working out.

What he had just tried to do I will not let that happen to me. NEVER.

I got to my room and started packing. Throwing just the necessities in my bags. Clothes, personal health stuff, a necklace of an Ivory wolf, and a box of my father's books. I then claimed out the window and into my Jeep. His name is Lucifer, he was the bringer of light for dad and I. We would work on him after school and most of the summer.

I put all of my stuff in the back and drove off.

End of flashback

The next town has a weird name, it's called New Moon. It's up in the mountains which I like, the fresh air calmes me. It really secluded I'm surprised that I found it.My father and I found this Jeep in the junkyard. When I saw it, I knew it was mine. It had been in a really bad t-bone it had flipped and gone rolling over a cliff. But the body was still in good shape. We kept most of the original body there but extended the back so I could put more stuff in the Far back. It was a soft top so we made a new one. It was super strong and we got the toughest material we could. For the last major change we replaced all the glass with bulletproof glass. Then we painted it red, and put on some big ass tires. That was the best time in my life working on this car.

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