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Young Adult
Written in the Scars

Paige Connelly hasn't expected more from a life built by nasty rumors, leaked private photos, and a couple of her mom's abusive ex-boyfriends. But when Christy Vargas, an old friend from three years ago, moves to the same school with revenge to exact, Paige must face an actual piece of her past that has always stared her in the face. And not to mention Mark Vargas, Christy's brother and the first guy in Paige's life to rock her world, just walks into the picture too.And neither does Paige know others to get entangled in Christy's drama would be James Miller, who wouldn't be the player everyone knows now without a few shameful decisions, and Paige's best friend Selah Wynters, who hides way more hurts than her goody two-shoes image lets on. But after Christy kick-starts a few reminders of the past, Selah and James, having been best friends once, rekindle the connection they had from the very first day they met.The past really has a way with bringing more than what you bargained for.Trigger warnings: bullying, depression, deaths of loved ones, drug overdose/suicide attempt, domestic violence (child abuse & neglect), self-harm, a pedophilic character, homophobia, brief gay sex, brief suicide scene, foreplay, nyctophobic trigger, pregnancy test, abortion, cyberbullying, revenge porn. More may be added. Warnings for any of these specific topics will be given at the top of every chapter except for swear words and sexual innuendos/jokes, both of which are sprinkled throughout.Please know that I do not wish any psychological hardships upon ANYONE. My only intent is to be honest about these situations in my stories and spread awareness for some of them.

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