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Or maybe her  Mother Cassiopea?

Andromeda is a beautiful princess whose beauty trumps the sirens or sea fairies and her mother Cassiopea is a proud Queen.

Who knows ?

Behind the beautiful and mysterious Andromeda galaxy is there life that cannot be seen by humans?

Andromeda de Etoiles

It is a country that is safe, peaceful and serene, but not since

Human Coming to their land.

A misunderstanding made by the Stormland who wanted to control De Etoiles made the people there completely exterminated with all the accusations that exist and also all kinds of evil deeds that they planned.

Which makes humans not allowed to come again to various galaxies

That's why people today can't visit there anymore and don't even know anything

Then what is the fate of the storm's country to Etoiles?

They break down

Become 7 state elements and also their respective regions

Land of Fire

Which has 3 areas of power

Namely the southern region, namely the light of the Southeastern region called Storm and also the westernmost region called the Desert

Then the land of Water

They have territory

The city of snow, the city of Ice and also the interior of the eastern sea which controls part of Wateriez De Castilla

Every offspring of children with mixed blood will be destroyed from the Land of De Etoiles

Why is that?

Since Mixed Bloods are very strong surely because they will have 2 elements in 1 body and they have a strong desire isn't that a threat?

But not Daisy Xien De watriez

The last mixed-blood princess she had was the mixed blood of the Land of Snow and Lightning Release

He exiled Queen Gerelia De Andromed, the last queen who was killed several years ago by the Hurricane Society

And he was exiled on a planet divided according to the musical genres that exist in him

And here it is

Daisy Xien De poplia Wteiez

From the planet Cyber ​​country Pop Music Stream

The only mixed one and the only one who dared to come to earth and find his eye to save And make the pillar of justice stand up again

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