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A List of Term Paper Topic Ideas on American Studies and History

An Overview of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Choosing this paper topics to write my research paper I will discuss the nature of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. By understanding the various functions of the organization, along with its history, we can realize its ultimate purpose in the scope of world politics.

Analysis of early American Government

An analysis of early government in America and how the Founders Father's might have seen some of the early paradoxes of the Constitution. By understanding some of the principles of federalism, as well as Constitutional analysis of the pro and cons of this famous governmental treatise, we can see where it stands in the politics of a democracy.

Analysis of the Primary Election in the United States

This paper written at sophomore level, analyses the process of primary election in the United States for nominating a candidate for president from among the two parties, Republicans and the Democrats.

Ancient Greek Political Government

This paper analyzed the various governments of ancient Greece, including Monarchy, Timocracy, Aristocracy, Democracy, Tyrant and Oligarchy.

Andrew Jackson - A Political analysis.

This undergraduate paper according to the experts from WritingAPaper service outlines and explores the presidency of Andrew Jackson and the role he played in changing and shaping the face of American.


Government and the office of the President.

American Revolutionaries are the most admired people in the history of our country. It is believed that these people sacrificed their lives to drive British out of the colonies so oppression could be ended. But it is strange then that it was after the British rule ended that racial issue surfaced and reached alarmingly levels. Not only did slavery become devastating, the central government also decided to withdraw autonomy from all member states so that it could central government could interfere in the internal matters of any state. This shows that American revolutionaries were not as much against oppression as they were against the British authoritarian rule and this was the most important reason behind their revolt.

Answer: Direct Democracy is Not a Danger to Our Current Political System

In this paper we can see the dire need for direct democracy against special interest in America. Direct democracy or an even semi-direct democracy might be an option that will remove corporate interest over those of the citizens that are empowered under the Constitution of the United States. By the rising casualties of war, the growing criminal evidence of Cheney and Bush, direct democracy will help prevent this abominable and profiteering behavior within the hallowed halls of Congress.

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