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Anime: Dimension W Favourite Quotes
G Completed


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~ Beauty is knowledge and discipline, without knowledge beauty is hollow and without discipline there can be no knowledge. The world can only be a leave when both are in harmony. ~

~ being born doesn’t come with a reason, unless your being used as a tool ~

~ The world has a number of infinite possibilities, however only one is realised. The possibilities that do not come to pass are folded into layers… and changed into energy. It’s the materialisation of those possibilities that makes… go wild. ~

future possibilities are based upon memories of that which came before, without memories the universe cannot exist

~ memories are the key to the connection of… the material universe ~

~ dreams connected the present to the memories of the past, preserved by… ~

~ possibility cannot be observed, because when a possibility is observed it becomes a reality, even if we can predict a possibility cannot observe as it alters its very nature and although possibility cannot be seen we are nevertheless certain it exists… as intelligent being we ourselves are a creatures of possibility… it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes up our intelligence however we do know that all life is capable of perceiving and reflecting possibility ~

~ observable or not humans are nonetheless trying to harness the power of possibility… scientists are making great strides in that area, they’re getting closer to the conscious world made by the mind… domain of the mind 

~ our lives are full of failures and tragedies but each one is the source of a new possibility… if that wouldn’t of happened,  there are possibilities that wouldn’t have been realised so I don’t have any regrets and I’m not giving up… nothing we did was pointless not a thing 

~ observation is the foundation of all scientific study 

~ it’s possible to perceive its existence at the point of contact between dimensions… it wasn’t a ghost but a shadow of dimension… that was projected… for the most part ghosts are natural objects mistakenly perceived as supernatural, making a fuss over something so tribal will only have a negative impact ~

~ we can recognise that in which we are unfamiliar by piecing together information form our own pervious experiences thereby filling in the gaps in our knowledge ~

~ there are many ways to express… but they were all created by people out of convenience as they tried to understand the subject, to humans a thing is easier to comprehend when it’s given a name… your name defines you… but does that shape the reality of what you are, would you be different if your name was different… humans give names great importance unfortunately they often fail to realise a name is merely a label and not the essence of the thing itself… label doesn’t encompass the entirety of the concept, it’s simply gives us a way to refer to it… why humans insist on naming things for it allows them to render the abstract concrete thus helping them make sense of the world… to arrive at their theory… had to abandon what thought they knew and start at the beginning, had to {perceive} what was truly there and not what their mind expected to understand the world we must {perceive} pass names to the reality that lies beyond… rather than {perceiving} though the lens of pre-conception… because of certain cosmetic attributes but that designation is purely superficial and you should not allow yourself to be defined by it, we are assigned genders because they help us assimilate into human society but they are artificial constructs, genders are simply labels just as our names are ~

~ I’ve tried, I did research but that isn’t the same as understanding ~

~ In Awe ~ 

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