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Short Story
On Break
Shadows and Fire
Writer ShadowBobcat10
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Shadows and Fire
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Burning Lake
Sep 29, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ojnp8FRo1YDiG1vYcU0Eposted on PENANA

Nothing goes "boom!" like a duck in gasoline. copyright protection109PENANA0vU2ARzPkY

Okay, a lot of things in gasoline make a great boom, but let's just go with the duck idea. copyright protection109PENANA9Ihx8qdZOe

I was walking along the shore of Lake Superior.  I know.  You're going to ask me how magnificent it looked, how the breeze made all the troubles go away, blah, blah, blah. copyright protection109PENANAXswEt2DGWE

The truth is the lake didn't look good.  It smelled putrid.  A thin film of something rainbow spread on the surface, and the sight of dead and dying seabirds was not what I wanted for my morning jog.  We locals knew something was up, but we knew we couldn't possibly fix the problem by ourselves. copyright protection109PENANAkWafZK6yzr

Except I certainly wanted to the bottom of this.  Thus, my morning jogs around "Death Lake."copyright protection109PENANAwJaOgieth2

"Hey Kristen," Mrs. Andrews greeted.  She was a gentle woman, and like the rest of us, she was worried about the local fishing industry.  But I was worried about something far worse. copyright protection109PENANAIeueTYhwEd

I wanted to know where all of Standard Oil's latest shipment of crude oil went.  It was my job at the company to keep track of things like that.  And when I asked my boss about the missing oil, he shut me down.  Hard.  No one since has heard of the September 28 shipment. copyright protection109PENANAaZale95lHF

"How are you?"  I asked Mrs. Andrews.  As always, she was sitting on a bench next to the water, knitting something exotic.  Her latest project looked like a piano string cover, though I wasn't sure how that was going to work, with the holes and all. copyright protection109PENANAMeoW2Feg9w

"Fine.  And you, sweet child?"  Mrs. Andrews inquired. copyright protection109PENANAjRKO6EMnar

I nodded.  "Same as every morning," I replied.  "Rest your bones, Mrs. Andrews!" copyright protection109PENANAAlrKGGUL1B

I continued on my jog, taking mental notes of the lake.  For three weeks now, the smell had been in the air, the water with its rainbow sheen, and the birds and fish had been dying.  It was a strange situation, I have to admit, but there had to be a cause.  There had to be a–copyright protection109PENANArOPPLRv08E

Suddenly, I noticed Peter, the owner of the fish shop in town, was leaning over the pier, smoking a cigarette while tossing bread to the pond ducks.  He took a long drag of the cigarette, the butt glowing faint orange in the dawn light. copyright protection109PENANAwrvhfCV2Z5

While reaching for more bread, Peter switched his cigarette to his other hand.  Resupplied, Peter ripped off a good chunk of the Wonder Bread into smaller pieces.  Instead of tossing just bread, he tossed the lit cigarette in as well, and the source of flame sailed into the lake, leaving a faint amber arc glowing against the gray downtown background. copyright protection109PENANAtArVl7BfTD

Immediately, the lake exploded into flames.  The ducks cried out in shock and pain as the hot curling fire enveloped them in black and orange.  The air quivered, smelling like burning crude oil.  I stepped back, the heat painful even from a good distance to the burning shore. copyright protection109PENANAQkrGadyFdG

And in that moment, as firefighters rushed to fight the rapidly burning lake, I realized I had solved both of my problems. copyright protection109PENANAkJ8Q0nsWpr

Standard Oil's crude oil shipment had disappeared into Lake Superior.  And it was all going up in smoke. copyright protection109PENANA1T2tOnAqCt

Comments ( 2 )

Akaluv - This was an interesting short story, and your flow with words is really good^^ Thanks for sharing this with us!
1 year agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - I'm glad you enjoyed it!
1 year agoreply