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On Break
Shadows and Fire
Writer ShadowBobcat10
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Shadows and Fire
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Explosive Dining Options
Dec 1, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Zd3nyMGXfn2Tgq3rmmPLposted on PENANA

Author's Note: Well, quite the late addition, but I hope it was worth it. More explosive stories with more explosions, coming right up. Enjoy! copyright protection121PENANA8CDbYkD5Lf

"Amy, pass the kerosene," Jonathan requested. copyright protection121PENANAoLsr81eOYt

Amy picked up the bottle of fuel and handed it to her friend, sighing.  "You know, all that kerosene is bad for you.  You should be taking more diesel, at least." copyright protection121PENANAc1ntsrUPNJ

Jonathan attached the bottle to his refueling port.  "Not everyone's fortunate enough to run on pure hydrogen, you know," he teased. copyright protection121PENANAAVmd7kyKqk

Amy shrugged, checking on her solar-powered water-splitting apparatus.  "Just water vapor, ready to be converted back into hydrogen and oxygen." copyright protection121PENANA0O5tfdvu2t

"Whatever," Jonathan shrugged.  He disconnected his now empty bottle of kerosene.  "Stop reminding me that I rely on those biological organisms for fuel." copyright protection121PENANAXevlIYMCNz

Amy smiled.  "But you do.  Besides, we're running out of that diesel.  Let's get a refill." copyright protection121PENANAmovJBD4anu

"'Kay," Jonathan said, grabbing three four-gallon bottles and handing them to his humans.  "Hey, IO4, KZ2, and BY9, go fill these up for us.  Diesel," he instructed.  The three humans rushed to grab the bottles and relished their chance to leave the AI's house. copyright protection121PENANAvoiARyOm2Q

Isa, or IO4, was a short, punky girl with black dyed hair and a big personality. copyright protection121PENANAQZ5mlNk7q7

"So, no 'bots today?" she shouted in her big voice. copyright protection121PENANAHNvdw7QAie

"For such a small person, you do make a lot of noise," Kisha, or KZ2, growled softly.  Kisha was tall, blond, and quiet. copyright protection121PENANA4NCmnuVcRX

"But no 'bots?"  Isa asked.  "Are we going to watch 'bots today?" copyright protection121PENANA2IX84iWpqm

"Hush," Bryant, or BY9, whispered.  "Don't go around talking illegal things on the upperstreets." copyright protection121PENANAw7a2lG9bhs

Isa sighed.  "Bryan, you're never any fun." copyright protection121PENANAplf2IDwDPo

"Better safe than sorry," Bryant reasoned.  "Anyway, come on.  You're falling behind." copyright protection121PENANABR6y0aQWzg

"We don't have to get there that fast," Isa whined. copyright protection121PENANAj6ot8JaiVr

"Well, we have to get home by sunset or Amy and John will get mad." copyright protection121PENANAKlMZnvDU9s

"Don't call them by Amy and John," Isa laughed.  "They're really AP2 and JO4."  copyright protection121PENANAiKkpikA9ha

"Isa, the rules,"   Bryant persuaded.  "Right, Kisha?"  Kisha shrugged passively. copyright protection121PENANAqAgP4pyeHu

"Yeah, BY9," Isa sneered.  "Besides, it's just right up there."  She skipped ahead and grabbed the door to the filling station.  Bryant and Kisha followed in behind. copyright protection121PENANAFsPssdY587

Explosive dining options indeed.  Fuel of all sorts lined the shelves of the filling station, which was like a supermarket for robots with advanced AI.  There was liquid H2 and liquid O2.  Petroleum and diesel.  Kerosene and jet fuels.  Batteries and accessories.  On one side, there was a fountain of unpressurized liquid and gel fuels.  Bryant started filling up his bottle with diesel. copyright protection121PENANAyqSSQbcqku

"What's the use?"  Isa asked.  "You know, all AI's used to be 'bots.  Then Richard Holden ruined everything." copyright protection121PENANAAL4QA8g8nY

"What's the use?  To survive," Bryant said.  "We need to survive.  We can't just wish ourselves back in time."  Kisha finished filling up her bottle of diesel and reached for Isa's bottle.  Isa happily gave it up. copyright protection121PENANAD2qsvTFtZN

"You know if they sell detonators?  Isa asked, sticking in the pay badge to buy twelve gallons of the diesel. copyright protection121PENANABxetp4ECvZ

"Bad idea.  Très bad idea, Isa," Bryant shuddered. Kisha nodded in agreement.copyright protection121PENANA65KbWkkctH

"But we can't go back in time, only forward.  So let's make the future better," Isa proposed.copyright protection121PENANAb6KCzgvfKv

"Better?"  Kisha stopped, surprised.  "You mean like…?"copyright protection121PENANA3l2hPsmt5R

"But it's illegal…"  Bryant whispered.copyright protection121PENANAtcXeoTyI62

Isa reached over and grabbed a bunch of matchbooks.  "These blow, eh?"copyright protection121PENANAqh9bTIroXb

"Not really," Kisha whispered.  "But those do," she said, pointing at the sparkers.  Ida grabbed a handful and shoved them into her bag.copyright protection121PENANAU0xWimpFQu

"Wait.  Stop.  This is not okay," Bryant said, stepping back from the two other human slaves.  "We are Workers.  This is our life.  You cannot do this.  I cannot do this." copyright protection121PENANAxjHux5n6Ot

Isa dropped a sparker into Kisha's bottle and grabbed a universal wireless remote in her pocket.  "You don't havta.  But I'm gonna." copyright protection121PENANA9fKiqE1S3Z

"But Isa…"  Kisha said, trading bottles with Isa. copyright protection121PENANA4X0BUiXjYO

"Kisha, you gonna help or not?"  Isa demanded.  She turned and headed towards the door.copyright protection121PENANAOv8vZFBnMp

"IO4, that's stealing," Bryant warned.copyright protection121PENANAQVFBe5gfYj

"BY9, you're already aiding criminals by not reporting us immediately to the nearest AI," Isa sang.  "Com'on, you're missing all the fun!"  copyright protection121PENANAe2geEaxCuv

Kisha stopped, tugging at Bryant's sleeve.  "You aren't gonna report us, are you?" copyright protection121PENANAqi0yO0eqn0

Bryant sighed.  "Oh, of course not, silly Kish.  You are my housefolk after all." copyright protection121PENANAPeWvQaA6pz

Kisha smiled.  They followed Isa out of the filling station.copyright protection121PENANApEBGSgQpSk

Every AI seemed to state straight at them.  Their Pets also smiled smugly, showing off the fact that though they were humans, they escaped the crushing weight of being Workers, or worse yet, Miners, just because they were prettier or smarter.copyright protection121PENANAViDVRsW5Sj

Isa grumbled.  "You know, it's not like a Pet's life is all that great.  And yet they havta rub it into our faces like that." copyright protection121PENANA6Iy2dodOuD

"And what if we saw a Miner right now?"  Bryant asked.  "How would we react?"copyright protection121PENANAnUhZA9frz7

"Here on the upperstreets?  Workers are barely allowed here, and Miners aren't allowed 'bove sublevel two," Isa said.  "Aren't you the one with the rules?"copyright protection121PENANAMuqpqiRmnJ

Bryant sighed.  "Just trying to get you to think past the now."copyright protection121PENANAGurexEDKt8

Isa rattled the diesel bottle.  "I am.  Now hurry up.  A-2 and J-4's dinner is about to get explosive." copyright protection121PENANAnQ2EPDO54n

Back at the AI's house on the upperstreets, Isa, Kisha, and Bryant dropped off their bottles of diesel.  Only Bryant's didn't have a sparker in it, but that wasn't important.  The bottles needed to be near empty to blow, anyway. copyright protection121PENANAdQSEgiW8Fk

Amy grabbed a bottle and handed it to Jonathan.  "The bio-organisms are back," she said.  "Go fill up." copyright protection121PENANASmOjAlYe6r

"Yeah.  Why'd they take so long?"  Jonathan asked. copyright protection121PENANAmtip883Xd7

"Biological reasons," Amy scoffed.  "If only we could program those beasties." copyright protection121PENANAlrYd5fw1nb

Jonathan attached the diesel bottle to his refueling port and the sparker settled in the neck of the bottle.  Behind a screen, Isa, Kisha, and Bryant were watching intently. copyright protection121PENANAlfxaz8vynB

"Are they gonna unload the other one, too?"  Isa whispered.  "I havta blow both of 'em at the same time, so the other one has to be almost empty as well." copyright protection121PENANA0K5iadrdaF

"Be patient," Kisha whispered back. copyright protection121PENANAlw6jJbyfdW

"Let's get outta here," Bryant suggested.  "We don't wanna get caught in the blast zone when it does blow."  Isa nodded. copyright protection121PENANArzcZJL8ekv

They moved to the lower level of the house and ran out onto the streets of sublevel one.  Hardly any AIs bothered to venture into the substreets other than police, so there were only humans around. copyright protection121PENANAQkgVDq95Dk

They wandered away to a park and sat on the swings.  Some smart AI figured maintaining some infrastructure in the substreets would pacify the humans.  He was mostly correct. copyright protection121PENANAKYQQiz2QPf

"Ya think?"  Isa whispered, talking out the remote. copyright protection121PENANANhPZhyLpN5

"Not yet," Bryant responded. copyright protection121PENANAVDqby4BH9e

"Then when?" copyright protection121PENANA2TdSJvsMmi

"No.  Wait." copyright protection121PENANA29zR9QpUfc

"Come on.  We can't wait forever," Isa protested. copyright protection121PENANA0bPqmouX6E

Bryant sighed.  "Okay fine.  But we're kind of far, so turn the signal all the way up." copyright protection121PENANAc8xp0hVt3h

"All the way up?"  Kisha asked.  "Isn't that really dangerous?" copyright protection121PENANAL5rkWAblur

"Nah," Isa said.  "The worst thing that could is us dying, which would eventually happen, anyway.  Let's go out with a bang." copyright protection121PENANAyvCoVYMqWT

Bryant nodded with Isa's assessment.  Kisha merely shrugged.  Isa turned the dial to scan all remotely detonatable devices.  "Here goes nothin'," Isa said, clicking the button. copyright protection121PENANA491Cy2TtvW

Suddenly, the three of them were bathed in a golden light as the entirety of the upperstreets seemed to explode in wondrous fire. copyright protection121PENANALg2cBYMMkh

The universal detonator didn't need sparkers to work.  At that setting, all it needed was something that could explode.  And with all the AIs with hydrocarbon fuels, batteries, and such, there were more than enough explosive dining options to go around.copyright protection121PENANAdTMPhIO49L

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