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01. The Murder Incident
Writer peter799
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01. The Murder Incident
01. The Murder Incident

How do you solve a case where the death occurred twenty storey high inside a locked room where the only ways of escape are a window that leads to a fall straight down to the ground with no ledges or fire-escapes, and a door that was locked from the inside?

How do you do it when you don't even know how the victim was killed?

1st in the series of cases solved by Adrian.

This is my very first detective story that I wrote in 2012. I had published this earlier here at Penana but had removed it. So, here it is again.

The story is 6 chapters long and already completed. I'll upload a chapter a day for the next 5 days. Hope you readers like it. :)

Total Reading Time: 39 minutes


Lata - The very first story featuring Adrian!!! *tries not to get too excited*   *fails*
4 years agoreply

peter799 - @Lata, Well, I'll be publishing all of it this time around with the final chapter on Friday. Stay tuned :)
4 years agoreply

Lata - @peter799, No you hasn't.  It was only 3 chapters, I think. I did not guess it was that one after reading the intro tho. BTW, the intro is brilliant.  
4 years agoreply

peter799 - @Lata, It was here in Penana before but I had removed it. I don't think I'd published all of it though.
4 years agoreply

Lata - @peter799, Yeah, I guess. But I think I read this somewhere before too. A collection of murder mysteries or something...
4 years agoreply

peter799 - You can find a reference to this story in A Game of Murders :)

And here it is, with the full details.
4 years agoreply